Netflix Dark Desire – Dark Ending and Sequel!

Netflix Dark Desire – Dark Ending and Sequel!

Netflix Dark Desire ranked in the top 10 trendings soon after its release on Netflix. Netflix has been experiencing the release of bold content and after the massive success of Too Hot to Handle and 365 DNI, Netflix released another bold but with a new twist because it revolves around a murder investigation is a thriller.

The show is a Mexican thriller drama, that revolves around the story of Alma, Brenda, Esteban, Dario and Solares. Netflix Dark Desire season 1 revolves around the murder of Brenda who appears to commit suicide but without any suicide note.

Throughout season 1 multiple characters seem to be obvious. Alma is Brenda’s best friend, while Solares is his husband, Esteban his the brother in law and Dario is his lover. Alma is depressed because his husband is cheating on him. At some point in the show, every person looks like a killer while the end seemed to be completely opposite.

Unleashing the Dark Desires of the characters, the murder mystery is solved at the end of season 1. No one turns out to be the murderer and police was right from the beginning about the suicide. The season had a dark ending. The show consisted of 16 episodes and fans of the show are waiting for a sequel already.

Netflix announces the sequel of any show after waiting for a few weeks and months. They wait for the positive reviews and general interest of the audience. The sequel is not announced yet but there are chances that show will go for a second season because it’s been trending from the day of its release. Fans would have to wait longer to find out if there will be any sequel or not.

Due to the pandemic situation going on the filming of famous shows have been delayed or cancelled. The crown season 5 canceled its filming for the same reason.

So if the show opts for a sequel it might come around late 2021 or early 2022 because the production and recording will take time if done under SOPs of COVID-19.cast includes, Maite Perroni as Alma, Jorge Poza as Solares, Alejandro Spitzer as Darío.

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