Netflix New Dating Show- Too Hot To Handle

Netflix New Dating Show- Too Hot To Handle

If you’re into steamy dating shows like Love Is Blind then the latest Netflix series Too Hot To Handle is the one for you!

Too Hot to Handle is like a spiritual Love is Blind and is now streaming on Netflix! It has a number of beautiful and good looking singles who are sent on a resort on an island and are asked to cohabitate for a few weeks.

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This is going to be a delicious show with amazing twists. If you enjoyed watching Love is Blind and Back With The Ex, then this series will keep you busy during self isolation. 

These shows need to stay relevant as the contestants have to abstain physical intimacy for the entire contest to win the prize of $100,000.

In this show there will be 10 hot singles from across the globe who will meet and stay together on a paradise and enjoy the holidays and also get to know each other. The purpose is to make these single persons connect with others without being physical. If a contestant is unable to keep their hands off of each other they can walk away from the prize money. 

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The show has 8 episodes of 40 minutes duration which can be binge watched right now! 

The show is made in a private estate called Casa Tau, Punta Mita region Mexico. The area is surrounded by 9miles of Pacific Ocean beaches and coves which makes it an ideal location for the cast.