Netflix Party: Binge-Watching Remotely With Your Friends

Netflix Party: Binge-Watching Remotely With Your Friends

Coronavirus has changed the world. It has changed the lifestyle and the entire economy is towards a decline. The virus has spread worldwide and every individual at every corner of the world is worried and hoping that this virus goes away real soon.

Amid the tension, where the majority of cities are on lockdown and countless people are in self-isolation, Netflix brings an awesome feature that will allow you to enjoy and binge-watch with your friends remotely, and it is called ‘Netflix Party’.

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We all miss the fun and movie nights with friends so here is an easy way to stay connected with your friends digitally and binge-watch your favorite TV show or movie together.

What Is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party

It is a Google Chrome extension that you can sync with your Netflix account which you can watch in real time. With Netflix Party you can enjoy and keep your social life alive despite being isolated.

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To binge-watch together, all of your friends must download the extension and sync their streaming content. Netflix Party also has a chat room feature where you all can chat while watching your favorite show. You can comment or give your opinion about the show or movie which you are watching with yor pals without giving it any pause. How cool is that!

In addition to allowing individual users to perfectly sync their streaming content, Netflix Party also adds a chat room feature for all parties in using the service together. This allows instant communication without pausing the video, or without the need for a second device to send messages.

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How To Download?

You can download Netflix Party from the website directly. It is a free feature and requires no set-up as such. Here are three simple steps that you have to follow after getting the extension on Google Chrome.

Whoever begins the ‘party’ must select the desired movie or show and play with by clicking NP on the browser tab to begin the party. Then you can invite your friends to join your digital party by sharing the URL.

The URL will take your friends to Netflix and they would have to click NP on their browser to enter the party.

Netflix Party doesn’t include subscription or free access as monthly subscription can be purchased.

What To Watch?

Netflix is full of TV series and movies of all genres, therefore you can choose any program that you and your friends like and start binge-watching. Here are a few options:

Mindhunter, Breaking Bad, You, Peaky Blinders, Narcos, Stranger Things, Glow, Altered Carbon, Black Mirror and much more.