Netflix’s Extraction becoming biggest Movie on streaming

Netflix’s Extraction becoming biggest Movie on streaming

Netflix’s movie Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth is on its way to becoming the biggest movie ever on the streaming platform, in the first month of its release 90 Million Netflix users watched this action movie.

Chris Hemsworth playing the role of Tyler Rake, a soldier who turned into the mercenary of the black market, and got a task to rescue the son of a drug lord who got kidnapped by the rival underworld organization for ransom. The mission becomes difficult when he faces the underworld of drug trafficking and weapon smuggling while fighting with the rival mercenaries and corrupt police.

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Netlfix tweeted from its official account that Extraction is becoming huge success, Meanwhile Chris Hemsworth posted video on Instagram and thanked everyone who watched the movie and make it biggest streaming release in world.

In Extraction Russo brothers rejoined the Chris Hemsworth, they also worked together in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. Russo brothers also worked with other Marvel actors outside the Marvel movies. In the upcoming movie Cherry, Russo brothers worked with Tom Holland, AKA Spider-Man.

Due to coronavirus movies theaters are closed for moviegoers, and most movies are delayed. Due to this movie fans are turning to streaming to watch latest and old movies for their entertainment in the coronavirus lockdown, Also Netflix subscriptions are growing fast and it will continue to grow because Netflix is the only streaming platform that is releasing new content during this lockdown. This is also a reason that Extraction movie becomes Netflix’s biggest hit and right now it’s on top.