Netflix’s Old Guard Planning on Two Sequels!

Netflix’s Old Guard Planning on Two Sequels!

The old guard is the most-watched Netflix movie and has been trending worldwide. With Charlize Theron in the lead role, the movie budget is around $70 million. The movie “Old Guard” is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and the writer of the movie (and the Old Guard comic book from which the movie adopted) is Greg Rucka. Though the movie is behind the likes of “The Lorax” and “Unsolved Mysteries”, the superhero movie seems to attract many viewers worldwide.

The Charlize Theron movie revolves around a team of superheroes with Andy (Charlize Theron) as their leader. This team consists of people who came back from the dead and are the chosen ones (or referred to as The Old Guard). They are meant to save the world and are immortal. The original team consisted of 4 members whereas a girl in Allied Force in Afghanistan named Nile is chosen for the same purpose after getting killed by a terrorist. She felt isolated and lonely because people around her find it impossible for her to be alive. Nile and the team dream of each other and Andy find her before she is abducted for further tests. On the other hand, Andy and team have been framed so they could be killed by the CIA but they turned out alive from being dead after being shot countless times. This got recorded in CCTV and the researchers are after The Old Guards to get the tests for their genes.

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Well from the end of the movie it seems that the movie is not a one-time movie, but the old guard is turning into a franchise. In fact, it was more of a TV series ending to which you expect Well as per news the writer of the movie is thinking to go for two more sequels after the success of the movie. The trilogy will either hit Netflix or cinemas, it is not known yet. The performance by Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne and Chiwetel Ejiofor are praiseworthy.

Gina was asked about the sequels and she told that Greg is a dreamer and she dreamed the old guards as a trilogy of films. Although she said the story is complete but if the fan wants more, there could be more stories to be told.

If Netflix decides to create a sequel to The Old Guard, the sequels will help Theron flaunt her even action film skills. She also exhibited her acting skills in the Atomic Blonde in 2017, which is considered to be the best action movie of the decade. The sequel of Charles Theron movie Atomic Blonde 2 is also in the production process. It would be wise for Netflix to capitalize on the success of The Old Guard and create female lead content. As talks of the trilogy are in town, this may not be the last movie of The Old Guard you will see.