Netflix’s The English Game Exploring the History of Football

Netflix’s The English Game Exploring the History of Football

Netflix released a trailer of “The English Game”, a six-part drama that will take you back in the 1870s to tell a story of how the world’s biggest game Football started and got fame in every class of society. The series is made by Downtown Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, which was a fictional story but the era shown in the series is from 1912 to 1926. The English Game is based on true events in history and revolves around Northern England in the 1870s. The series will be released on the 20th of March, 2020. Production of the movie however started in the first quarter of 2019.

The movie contains a history of football, it will be entertaining as well as educating as well. The trailer shows how Football was considered a game of Elites only, and the working-class was not considered eligible to play the game.

The series stars Edward Holcroft in the main roles as honorable Arthur Kinnaird (commonly known as First Lord of Football) and Glasgow man Fergus Suter. Some other actors performing supporting roles are Craig Parkinson, Daniel Ings, James Harkness, and Charlotte Hope.

The trailer showed not just football but the s difference, love/romance, riots which seem to lead to an intriguing plot. The main characters Arthur and Fergus are both marvelous football players and football lovers. However both are shown on the opposite end, Arthur belongs to an Elite class while Fergus belongs to the ing class. Craig Parkinson is telling Fergus that only gentlemen have carried the people who study in Good schools, live good lives. He asked him to make history by taking that cup.

The movie shows how the elites want to maintain their hold on this game and don’t want the working class to be a part of it. The movie tells us the history of football and how it became the d’s biggest game. At the end of the trailer you can hear Arthur saying

In real life, Arthur Kinnaird also became the President of Football association in 1890. He is very respectable is the ball world. Let’s see how the e explores all the characters.