New Mutants Director Hoping To Make Two Sequels

New Mutants Director Hoping To Make Two Sequels

Josh Boone, director of “New Mutants” says that he hopes he plans to make two sequels of the film as he has a vision of creating a trilogy of New Mutants. Those who follow New Mutants know that from the day of its development, the movie has been over a rollercoaster ride. The first trailer for the movie was released in 2017, and since then the movie has been delayed multiple times. One reason for the delay was Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox which led to unexpected delays. The movie was speculated to release in April 2020, but the film along with many others gets a delay due to the pandemic situation. Though the movie is rescheduled in Aug 2020, if the lockdown situation persists, it might get another delay.

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New Mutants will finally reach the end of its unusual journey, but there is still a confusion regarding its long-term future. Whether Marvel Studios will incorporate the New Mutants into the Marvel Universe as X-Men reboot is under the way. But Boone is hoping to continue the series and turn it into a trilogy. Boone in an interview said that he is proud of making his film and is very hopeful that he will be allowed by Marvel Studios to complete a trilogy; he also added that he has planned everything out.

Normally movies than outperform at box office gets a chance to make a sequel. So it would be Disney’s decision to allow sequel of New Mutants. So if the movie performs well there is a chance of Boone’s trilogy dream come true  but vice versa it won’t be possible and it may be the last time we will be seeing the New Mutants on large screen and Disney will write it off from its books. New Mutants were never a part of large MCU endgame plan so we may doubt its long term future.

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New Mutants seems to be a good addition to the comic book genre movies, because it blends the horror element to make it unique. Now people prefer to watch superhero movies more than anything and these kinds of movies are earning hell of a business. So we may expect this movie to outperform the others. The movie is an attraction for Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) and Charlie Heaton (aka  Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things).

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