New Mutants Short Action Marvel Movie

New Mutants Short Action Marvel Movie

When it was heard that The New Mutants Marvel movie which was shot in 2017 fans of marvel movies geared themselves up for the release of the movie. As anyone would have logically thought that the release of the movie would be anytime soon in the year 2018, it didn’t go as anticipated as it was thought. With having scheduled retake of the scenes in the movie to Disney acquiring the Fox assets, the movie never reached its final release date.

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Talking about scheduled retakes of the scenes which never happened, the director of the movie John Boone was still determined to release the movie in the theaters at some point. Now when it was about to be released on April 3rd, 2020, the coronavirus pandemic shutdown the whole world hence hindered the movie release.

So again the movie is without any release date but what we know about the movie is that it’s shorter than any other action marvel movie. It is said that the movie is approximately 90 minutes long combining some of the essence of horror as well.

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Being part of the long run series X Men, The New Mutants Marvel movie has already shaped a lot of expectations from the fans. As now fans expect more humor and on-to-the face dialogs thanks to Deadpool and Logan which are the biggest hits of marvel movies. It is expected that The New Mutant might change the motionless X Men series.

As the reshoot of the film never took place so the actor Antonio Banderas never got the chance to be in the cast. It was reported that Banderas would be in the reshoot of the film since that never happened, the film duration went down even further as the scenes revolving around his appearance were cut down during the editing process.  A movie can be covered in 90 minutes if the storyline finishes and the point is made. Lets see if The New Mutant leaves the audiences wanting more of it. For now all we can hope is that the movie captures the eyes of the audiences soon.