New Zealand Reports Just 1 Death Due To COVID-19

New Zealand Reports Just 1 Death Due To COVID-19

New Zealand managed to achieve something that other countries couldn’t so far! A decline in coronavirus cases for the fourth consecutive day. The country reported 29 new confirmed cases on Thursday with total 1,239 positive cases and just one death. 14 cases are in hospital while 317 patients have recovered.

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New Zealand is a small island country with less than 5 million population and is almost halfway through the lockdown in order to not only contain the virus but to eliminate it as well.

The approach is successful according to the Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and the plan is also working.  The positive signs made other countries to lift the lockdown such as Denmark which had 5,597 cases and 218 deaths and upon seeing the situation they lifted the lockdown accordingly.

But NZ PM has a different approach, she restricted the border movements and who so ever comes must speck 14 days in quarantine in the facility provided by the government and of home isolation. This rule is for the locals as foreigners are banned in the country since March 20.

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Arden states that whatever NZ has done in the past couple of weeks was very huge and the decision was made together for the well-being and protection of one another and to save lives.