Nina Parker Lists Organizations You Should Know If You Are Against Racism – George Floyd’s Death

Nina Parker Lists Organizations You Should Know If You Are Against Racism – George Floyd’s Death

The week following George Floyd’s death has been the worst one in the history of the U.S. It ignited a nationwide debate on sensitive issues like police brutality, systematic racism, and black stereotyping. Nowadays #blacklivesmatter is trending on twitter. People are angry, frustrated, helpless heartbroken and most of all humane. It is, however, good to see that our celebrities are taking a stand against the acts of racism. Many big names like Nina Parker have come forward to defend the heartbroken segment of the society to make them feel they are not alone.

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Nina Parker has elaborated on how everyone should take responsibility and involvement in this matter George Floyd’s Death. Nina expressed her grief and told in an interview that she is filled with anger and sadness. She said that people may find it difficult to get involved so they say they don’t want to get involved in this matter, or they don’t want to give their opinion or post anything but she provides a detailed information of how to get involved and play your role for the sake of humanity.

Nina provided a list of following organizations that people should know if they want to get involved in the whole anti-racism movement.


NAACP is abbreviation of “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People”. It is the The nation’s foremost and biggest civil rights organization that fights for the racial discrimination and strives for the quality and well-being of every single person in U.S. on the basis of humanity. NAACP struggles for the basic rights as educational, social, political, and economic equality of rights for the well-being and health of everyone, irrespective of their race.

Black Lives Matter

It is an international activist movement, Black Lives Matter (BLM) fights to eliminate white supremacy and build local power to interfere in any violence or viciousness imposed on Black communities by the state and forces.

Minnesota Freedom Fund

This non-profit, community based organization seeks to help those who cannot afford it. They mostly provide freedom fund needed for either criminal bail or immigration bonds to those who are in need. This organization strives to end coercive, oppressive and discriminatory jailing and is currently helping the protestors who have been arrested.

Black Visions Collective

It is also known as BLVC, Black Visions Collective is an organization that aims to organize powerful black communities and rip off the system of violence. It focuses on Black leadership, strategies, and campaigns and strives to narrative and cultural organization.

Color of Change

Color of change is an online justice organization Nina Parker suggested. It consists of nearly 2 million members. They design and hold campaigns build a real power for black community and provide a solution that takes everyone forward.

Parker added that these organizations can provide you any information you need to be known of the situation and know how to talk about this to your friends. All these organizations support peaceful ways to raise voice for the rights and do not support the violent initiatives.