No Time To Die Could Be Delayed More

No Time To Die Could Be Delayed More

The upcoming James Bond blockbuster movie No time to Die could be further pushed back until 2021, No time to Die was the first blockbuster movie who delayed its release date from April to November 2020. Due to coronavirus pandemic, almost all movie releases pushed back and the production of the movie stopped. So till the 17th July movie calendar is clear, Only Christopher Nolan’s movie Tent is scheduled to release on July 17th, if things get back to normal life. Wonder woman 1984 and Mulan also planned to premiere in late summer.

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Movie fans are eagerly waiting to see upcoming blockbuster movies on a big screen, and there is no guarantee that moviegoers will see any upcoming movie soon, Due to ongoing pandemic issue, it’s impossible right now to predict that the movies that already pushed back will release on their new dates or may be further delayed.

The Bond series is not only a massive hit worldwide but also pretty expensive to produce too. The production of these films costs a lot therefore in order to not only recover the cost but also be a massive hit is always the top priority for the series producers. Having said that No Time To Die is the most expensive budgeted Bond film till yet. Already $30 to 50 million is spent on the production of the film and now the current situation of the global cinemas does not look good. Being the most expensively produced film No Time To Die certainly has given high hopes to everyone for a huge success, which can only happen if the global situation comes at ease and the movie that is now set to premiere in November. If this doesn’t happen the producers of the film may have difficulty in finding a new date for the film release.

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No Time To Die

If most theaters around the world reopen their gates in the coming months, the Government will impose restrictions of few numbers of persons per screen, also theaters will take precautionary measures for the safety of their clients. So it is obvious that it will impact on film earnings, it’s predicted that Mulan and Tenet will be softer openings than normal, if the pandemic situation end and theaters start welcoming moviegoers, so it will decide release date on July 17th, No time to Die has to earn a strong amount in order to achieve profit, movie producers will not feel comfy to release the movie until theaters all over the world start running normally, so definitely they will see the overall situation and also think about to get strong numbers. On the other hand, it is not possible to hold No time to Die forever, so studios have to decide when to release the Blockbuster movie.