Ontario forecasting 15,000 Deaths From COVID-19

Health officials in Canada warned that almost 15,000 people will die from COVID-19 in Ontario.

Like other cities and provinces, Ontario has also closed down all important businesses, schools and public spots for the blunt spread of the disease.  However, the number of cases continue to grow as warned by the health officials.

According to the officials, they stated that if they had not taken the preventive measures early Ontario could have more than 100,000 deaths due to the outbreak and 6,000 in the month of April only.

The current preventive measures such as limiting yourselves at home, avoiding public gatherings has kept the cases from increasing. 

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The head of public health in Ontario said that the figures are undoubtedly shocking and these are absolutely unprecedented times.

Ontario reported 3,255 cases of coronavirus with 67 deaths until Friday and shockingly 20 cases were solely from a retirement home Pinecrest in a town north of Toronto called Bobcaygeon.

The head of public health calls for a much more transparent model for nationwide projections. As per the PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau he states that people are wondering how long this will last?  He believes that they need accuracy of the exact data before the projections.

As Toronto is Canada’s most populated city it is more likely that to sustain the damage in the country. The municipal staff is continuously urging everyone to stay at home and maintain physical distance.

Quebec has reported 6,101 cases which are reported as the highest cases in the country. More than 290,000 people are tested in Canada and has 11,474 cases with 152 deaths reported due to the coronavirus.