COVID-19 Outbreak: Movies That Will Make You Feel Less Lonely

COVID-19 Outbreak: Movies That Will Make You Feel Less Lonely

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, everyone’s lives are affected. It is very important that we all follow the rules and instructions given by the governments and healthcare institutions to embrace good health and to stay safe from the virus. We are instructed to wash our hands frequently, avoid handshakes and self-isolate ourselves at home. We are asked to leave the house only when something necessary is required such as supplies and medicines.

Being at home in outbreak of COVID-19 is very difficult especially when you have the habit of going to work. We are all together in this social distancing journey and we can only find things that can help us stay sane in self-isolation. Since the movie theatres are also closed so we have to find something worth watching at home.

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Here are some movies that will make you feel less lonely during this quarantine period. The movies list mentioned below can be easily streamed on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

A Quiet Place

Released back in 2018, The Quiet Place can be watched on Hulu. Starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, it is about a family who lives in a remote farmhouse. The aliens in the movie kill their prey as they detect them with the sound. So when the aliens come to the farmhouse, it is very interesting to see how the family survives and fights them without making any noise.

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The Lighthouse

Starring Robert Pattison and Willem Defoe, this movie takes us back to 19th century where the lighthouse keepers start devolving into madness. This movie is ideal to watch and understand the pain of social distancing.

Bird Box

This movie is available on Netflix and it stars Sandra Bullock where she fights to survive a monster attack. The monsters feed on the senses and kill. This movie has made the apocalypse journey as interesting as possible.

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The Revenant

Easily available on rent at Amazon Prime, this movie is a masterpiece starring Leonardo DiCaprio. You will witness him in his survival mode when he gets attacked by a snow bear. Moreover, the movie gets real interesting when Tom Hardy comes in as the villain and DiCaprio goes through emotional and physical struggles in the frozen weather.

I Am Legend

Available on Amazon Prime, this movie is going to make your self-quarantine period worthwhile. In this movie, Will Smith is the last person on the earth after a rapidly spread pandemic. Smith is a scientist and he is the last human survivor in the New York plague. He then looks for ways to reverse the effect of the virus with his own blood.