Pakistan Gets Help In Fighting Coronavirus

Pakistan Gets Help In Fighting Coronavirus

With the daunting challenges, Pakistan is facing to fight Coronavirus, the USA and China came as partners to help Pakistan fight this deadly virus. Despite the fact that these both countries are both superpowers they are fighting against this disease themselves.

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China is giving aid to Pakistan of $4 million to build a hospital and also they are sending medical assistance and experts to Pakistan to help cure the effected patients.

China’s  National Health Commission , Vice Minister,  Zeng Yixin announced in that Beijing they will send  medical experts to Pakistan and offer their professional assistance to fight against the pandemic. The team of experts will be sent to different parts of Pakistan.

Moreover, US Ambassador Paul Jones also announced that they will be sending support to Pakistan in order to strengthen the collaboration with the country with the latest resources and technology. In his video message he said that Pakistan is the priority country for medical assistance and $1 million of the existing funds will be given for lab and emergency medical supplies. This measure is taken to help communities with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Considerable amount of donation is also going to arrive in Pakistan soon from different private sources along with donated test kits and face masks. The medical team coming from China is going to bring medical equipment and will be assisting doctors in fighting the battle against the outbreak.

The travel restrictions are reported to be lifted up from 8th April. The both countries are in close coordination at the working level. As far as the Iran border is concerned, they are also keeping a close watch with Iranian authorities to make sure that all measures are being taken as per the SoPs prescribed.

The joint deal with IMP and World Bank is a great initiative as suspensions of debts for poor countries are being announced. As per the G-20 meeting, a discussion is going to take place to discuss the economic impact of COVID-19 outbreak on different countries.