Pakistan Stays Under Lockdown As Coronavirus Outbreak Hits Hard!

Pakistan Stays Under Lockdown As Coronavirus Outbreak Hits Hard!

Due to Coronavirus Outbreak Today as well thousands of people stayed indoors due to the lockdown as per the government’s order as a number of coronavirus rose across the country. 

Diserted streets were witnessed with no public transport on the roads and market places and offices remained closed across the nation. Till date more than 900 cases are confirmed in the entire region. 

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Since Monday, government has taken support of reinforced lockdown with the help of rangers and it will remain the same for two weeks due to Coronavirus Outbreak. 

However, as per the local news channel, many people were found in long queues at train stations in different cities. Government has now suspended train operations too in the country. 

According to the news many remote areas are still not following the lockdown as per the orders. Police and rangers are now putting containers and using barbed wires to block the roads and to keep the traffic off the roads. However, grocery stores and pharmacies are supposed to stay open for the given hours.

Local police is very active in keeping the motorcyclists to come outside and deflating their tyres and announcing through megaphones that people must remain off the streets. All those who are violating the lockdown rules are being arrested in different cities. 

The judiciary system including the supreme and high courts also restricted their hearings. Moreover, the orders have been given to release all those prisoners who were kept for petty crimes on bail to avoid spreading of COVID-19 within the jail premises. This move was made because first case which was confirmed was in Lahore jail. 

The suspected patients who returned from Iran and  were kept in quarantine for 14 days are being released and clear to go back to their homes.

The Pak-Iran borders are still closed to stop the virus from spreading. 

The PM issued a statement in which he announced the launch of an application where they will provide essentials to the citizens at their homes.