Pakistani Daily Wagers Surviving To Struggle In Coronavirus Lockdown

Pakistani Daily Wagers Surviving To Struggle In Coronavirus Lockdown

Numerous daily wagers continue to sit on the road sides waiting for work that they could get to make their living. These Pakistani Daily Wagers have not earned even couple of hundred rupees in more than two weeks as coronavirus continues to spread and infect people across the nation.

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Pakistani Daily Wagers only leave their homes due to hunger and poverty. The Government of Pakistan has imposed restrictions nationwide as public places and schools remain closed as per PM Imran Khan’s orders.

Recently, a strict lockdown is announced from 8pm to 8am every night as the COVID-19 cases have reached around 400 in the province of Sindh.

PM clears that this is not a curfew but a lockdown in his recent news conference. Imran Khan emphasis on the living of daily wagers because if they go for a curfew then what will the poor segment of the country will do and how will they survive?

Daily wagers say that the ‘lockdown’ has also reduced their work as everyone is locked inside their homes and not offering work. As per the Government officials, it is very important that the country must go for a lockdown because it is the only way to stop the virus from spreading.

Daily wagers, however, understand the importance of lockdown but they still worry about their living and how they can be taken care. To overcome the issue of hunger among daily wagers, Government of Sindh has announced mobile service where those people who need ration can text on the given number and ration will be delivered to them.

This service is for needy people and daily wagers who are affected by the virus outbreak. The Government of Sindh has set up the application and a 4 digit number will be required for verification so those who need ration can get immediate assistance.