Parasite Ending Explained!

Parasite Ending Explained!

The parasite is the first South Korean in fact first foreign-language movie to win Best Picture award at Oscars. If you have watched Parasite then you must know why this movie is under the spotlight and if you haven’t watched the movie go watch it if you are an art lover because this movie is an art. Beware of the Spoilers ahead!!!

Parasite the story of a struggling Kim family living in a semi-basement apartment where the windows are barely above the ground. The movie starts showing the family son Ki-Woo and daughter Ki-Jung looking for free WiFi. The family folds pizza boxes for a living and after much hard work, they are not even able to earn enough to eat good food. Ki-Woo’s friend gifts him a scholar’s rock which he believes will bring prosperity in their lives and as he is going abroad for studies he offers his tutoring job to Ki-Woo as he loves that girl and he cannot trust anyone else. Ki-Woo gets this job for Park’s family daughter(Da-Hae) by making a fake University degree and then with their cunning planning Kim’s whole family gets appointed by Park’s by changing their identity and acting as if they don’t know each other.

They made Park’s believe that their driver is doing it in their car and their housekeeper is a tuberculosis patient (when she was allergic to peaches and Kim’s took advantage of this). Ki-Jung becomes an art therapist for Park’s family son (Da-Song), family mother Chung-Sook becomes the housekeeper and their father Ki-Taek becomes a driver for Park’s family.  Kim’s family dreams of living in such a wonderful house, they want to enjoy every luxury as Park’s family. The love, sharing, communication, and bonding in Kim’s family living in a small house is much stronger than the Park’s who hide their secrets from each other and are not much in love as Kim’s. Once Park’s family is out on camping to celebrate Da-Song’s birthday, Kim’s family decides to enjoy their night in the mansion eating, drinking and dreaming of having a home like Park’s. Ki-Woo says he likes Da-Hae and he will ask her out when she’ll turn 18 and someday he will marry her and will live in that house. Suddenly doorbell rings and Park’s previous housekeeper (Moon-Gwang) asks to open the door as she needs to pick up some stuff from the basement. Chung-Sook opens the door rest of them are hiding so their secret is not revealed. But they are shocked to see that the house has a secret bunker beneath the basement that only Moon-Gwang and previous owner knew about.

And for their surprise, she hid her husband in that secret bunker for many years. He is hiding there due to huge debt that he is unable to pay and for food obviously. She asks Chung-Sook to give him food twice a week and let him stay there but she refuses and tries to call the police in the meantime Moon-Gwang finds out about Kim’s family secret and blackmail them by making their video. They have a fight that gets ugly as Moon-Gwang fells off the stairs in the basement and they tie her husband and lock them up in the basement. Things get worse when they find out Park’s are returning home in ten minutes as their camping plan failed due to rainstorms and Chung-Sook is asked to cook some snacks that they could eat when they are back. Kim’s start cleaning the snacks and bottles and the mess into garbage bags like crazy immediately the Park’s are back so except Chung-Sook everyone hides under the coffee table in the lounge. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Park decide to sleep in their living room as Da-Song insists on sleeping in the garden in his camp.

Mr. Park says that he can smell something in the lounge it’s Mr. Kim’s smell of an old man’s smell? His wife asks. He says it’s kind of smell when you boil a rag. Kim’s got very hurt of these comments. Previously in the movie, Da-Song mentions that they all smell the same and they conclude it’s a smell of their apartment (or smell of poverty). Park’s enjoying their night are unaware of two poor families fighting in their basement to make their life better. This is reality of our society where Upper class doesn’t bother of what’s happening to lower or middle class people. Kim’s somehow escape from there but to their shock, their apartment is flooded with rainwater and sewerage. The next day Mrs. Park decides to throw a birthday party as compensation for a failed camping trip. She invites all the Kim’s(sleeping in a shelter in nearby high-school). Ki-Taek goes to shopping with Mrs. Park where she keeps on saying how lovely the weather is, how blue the sky is, there is no pollution after rain and rain was a blessing for them, it was very hard for Ki-Taek to listen to all of this as he lost his home to this rain and the situation becomes unbearable for Ki-Taek when she is talking on phone she blocks her nose to avoid foul smell coming from Ki-Taek.

Well during the party Ki-Jung is told to bring the cake while Mr. Park and Ki-Taek will attack her disguised as American Indians. Ki-Taek is not much happy about it but he is told that he will get paid for this. Ki-Woo along with his scholar’s stone goes into the basement to patch up with Moon-Gwang and her husband but the stone fells from his hand and he gets attacked by a bunker guy and he crushes Ki-Woo’s head with that prosperity stone. He kills Ki-Jung with a knife and attacks Chung-Sook while she kills him with the barbecue skewer. Meanwhile, Da-Song faints and Mr. Park asks Ki-Taek to drive Mercedes to take Da-Song to hospital but he is worried for his daughter so Mr. Park slides grabs the key stuck below the dead bunker man while doing so he blocks his nose to of course avoid the smell (of bunker man), Ki-Taek feels very offended and he kills Mr. Park and run away to disappear. Ki-Woo survives head injury and after months of his father disappearance he along with binoculars goes to see the mansion and feels the light is blinking in a morse code he notes down the pattern and intercepts it to find out his father hiding in that bunker and he sneaks out at night to eat food. This gives hope to Ki-Woo and he writes a letter to his father while living in the same semi basement apartment that his plan is to become rich one day so can buy that mansion and set free his father. The movie shows  Ki-Woo getting rid of Scholar stone and is shown buying that house and meeting his father but all in his dreams. The movie focuses on the class difference and the hard work myth that it will make you rich. Kim’s family is seen struggling, faking, working hard to get rich still they fail in this. Some critics say that the movie targets capitalism which makes rich richer as Song Kang-Ho’s previous movie Snopiercer also focused on the class difference and lack of opportunity for the lower class and how they are working day and night to make upper class enjoy their life and luxuries n making their life easy hence living in worst conditions and with no recognition. Same is shown in this movie.

The Scholar stone was analogy of hope, despite living in such poverty it gave hope to Ki-Woo that it will change his life but at the end he got crushed by that stone. The end is such a misery that Ki-Woo will never make this kind of money to buy a mansion like that but he still plans to do so. Ki-Taek said while spending the night in high-school “You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan. No plan at all. You know why?

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