PM Imran Khan Forms ‘Tiger Force’ To Fight Against Coronavirus

PM Imran Khan Forms ‘Tiger Force’ To Fight Against Coronavirus

Pakistan PM, Imran Khan reveals the government road map regarding providing relief to the masses especially in the lower segment of the society to help them deal with crisis is lockdown situation.

While addressing with the nation, PM claims that the country is scarce of the resources unlike the developed countries that are giving million dollar packages for relief.

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As per current reports, the number of patients has crossed 1,750 and the virus has taken 25 lives while 55 patients have fully recovered.

PM states that the grestest strength of our country is the faith and youth and by having both we we can fight this disease. The PM announced that the government had formed a ‘Coronavirus Relief Tiger Force’ which will include youth to help civil and military authorities for relief operations.

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This force is designed to distribute essentials supplies and food items to poor and daily wagers during the lockdown. More over these tigers will spread awareness and importance of self-quarantine and give precautionary meansures to the people so they can stay at home and fight COVID-19.

PM Imran Khan said that he created this force for the youth as they are the greatest asset of the country. 

Imran Khan said that the entire world is fighting this disease and so far only China has been able to defeat the virus. That’s because China went for a complete lockdown and were able to cope up with the damage.

Imran Khan said our nation isn’t like China in terms of economic conditions else he would’ve gone for the complete lockdown too. In our country, poor people can’t even afford two square meals a day which is why complete lockdown was never an option for the PM.

Imran Khan also added that he has established a relief fund where overseas Pakistanis can contribute to help government in the time of crisis. He announced that a bank account is opened in the National Bank of Pakistan where anyone can deposit money without disclosing their source of income and help Pakistan fight this deadly outbreak of COVID-19.