Power of Positivity and four ideas to extract it – Be Positive!

Power of Positivity and four ideas to extract it – Be Positive!

As a matter of fact, the human mind is always occupied by something. The human brain is always observing and processing information. Even if not voluntary, our subconscious mind is always thinking.

The human mind is doesn’t stop thinking for a second and the effects of the thoughts human actions, decisions, and approach.

Negative thoughts are against human nature. A three-year-old will never have a negative thought about his drawing; instead, you will see the excitement in their eyes.

A toddler would clean up the room and feel the accomplishment. However, as we get older, negative thoughts start occupying our minds and clutter our minds with doubts, fears, and low self-derogatory thoughts and we start losing the power of positivity from our life.

We create so many boundaries around us due to these negative thoughts and limit our way to success.

For example, negative thoughts will make you doubt your capabilities and may stop you from applying for a job that you are capable of. It may stop to ask out a person you are in love with, due to fear of rejection.

A person with negative thoughts is not capable of taking risks. Have you seen people who quit their jobs to pursue something they love, or to become an entrepreneur?

The dare needed to make such big decisions in life comes from the power of positivity. A person with negative thoughts is never able to make such a big transition, or take such a big decision.

power of positivity

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But isn’t it enough? Do you think it is time to love your life, be happy, bring love and excitement in your life, and pursue your dream? Follow the given four ideas to extract the power of positivity.

1. Replace every negative thought you have with a positive one

Negative thoughts are so toxic that they can lead to negative dreams and can ruin your sound sleep as well.

To stay positive you need to replace every negative thought you have with a positive one. Eventually, your mind will automatically replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

2. Try to find a positive aspect of every situation and make positive choices

Although difficult it is not impossible but try to find positivity in every situation in your life. Everything happens for a reason. Hold on to positive thinking and positive people.

Having positive people around you will automatically help you to tap the power of positivity. Make positive choices to avoid negative outcomes.

3. Enlist things you are grateful of

This is one of the best approaches to be positive. Whether you eat, sleep, walk, smell, run, laugh, speak, read, and write, everything is a blessing. Similarly, if you have parents, family, siblings, friends, a place to live in you are among the luckiest people in this world.

So why not be grateful for the blessings you have in your life that you take for granted. This will turn you into a positive person.

4. Envision positive outcomes to extract the Power of Positivity

Envision positive outcomes and don’t let negative images enter in your mind. How you think of yourself and your surroundings will help you extract the power of positivity.

Take out a few minutes of time every day and imagine positive images and situations to shift your mind towards positivity.

This will affect not only your thinking but also your energy, health, emotional well-being, and career. You must believe in positive outcomes to have them.


Happiness comes from within and you will eventually become what you think you are. The above points might seem difficult for the negative thinkers but it will take some time and a lot of practice to turn your negative feelings into positive ones.