Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized due to Coronavirus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized due to Coronavirus

On Sunday night UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to the hospital due to the signs related to the coronavirus.

Due to the high temperature, he was admitted on his doctor’s recommendations. More tests will be required for confirmation. His doctor said, he was hospitalized to take the precautionary step and he will still be in charge of the UK government.

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10 days backPrime Minster Boris Johnson was tested positive with coronavirus, and he isolated himself in Downing Street. After seven days of isolation, he Twitted that he is feeling better but still has minor symptoms.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson became the first world leader who tested positive on March 27, at that time he told the public that symptoms are mild. From his isolation, he is regularly delivering video messages to the public and also conducting government business remotely. Some of the videos have shown the virus is physically impacted him. 

He posted his message on twitter that he in touch with his team and also thanked the staff of Britain’s National Health Service for taking good care of him.

He was last seen on 10 Downing street on Thursday night, as he came out and clapped for the for National Health Service workers.

According to Johns Hopkins, UK cross 48,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and at least 4,934 deaths.