Private Hospitals In Karachi Fear They Would Be Flooded With Patients

Private Hospitals In Karachi Fear They Would Be Flooded With Patients

Private Hospitals In Karachi have been invited by the SINDH Chief Minister to discuss the proposal of provincial government regarding the allocation of 10% of the hospital capacity for coronavirus patients.

Private Hospitals In Karachi reacted that they fear their hospitals being swamped by the cases despite of giving the capacity and will also strain the doctors and paramedics. 

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The hospitals also gave an example of a top hospital that they stopped taking the cases of COVID-19 after the doctors and nurses started to get infected and also the labs ran out of the huge inflow of tests. However, they decided to move all such cases to another branch.

A senior doctor from a private hospital also said that private hospitals do not have such capacity to accommodate these cases.

To manage all patients, hospitals need a designated screening area to scan the patients which can distinguish them COVID patients. From there on, thy will be moved to the isolation centers. Moreover, the capacity to manage critical COVID patients is also feared by hospitals as ICU also needs be separated form normal patients.

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Small hospitals having average infrastructure such as having one elevate could create a possibility of infecting the entire hospital. 

The hospitals stress that the government must provide them more testing kits and essentials such as swabs, reagents and other protection equipments  for paramedics and doctors or else they will also fall sick while treating the patients. 

The issue of having separate ICU for positive cases was also raised by another doctor and said that the critical patients need ventilators and a single case needs a ventilator for atleast 3 weeks which increases the financial cost as well. 

The government assured that under these circumstances maximum financial assistance will be given. The Chief Minister also said that for this reason, all COVID-19 ICU cases will be moved to Expo Center to avoid the pressure in the hospitals.