Real Friends vs Fake Friends – 11 Differences Revealed!

Real Friends vs Fake Friends – 11 Differences Revealed!

Friendship is one of the best parts of one’s life. Friends don’t share a blood bond but real friends do share a bond of care, support, and love. But how do you know whether you have a real friendship or a fake one? Are there any criteria for comparing real friends vs fake friends?

Well, here we enlist 11 basics that will help you identify and eradicate the fake friends from your life and stick to the real ones.

1.  Support you no matter what

A real friend will never discourage you in pursuing your dreams and anything you ought to try. Whether it is learning Salsa, changing your job or career, starting a business, a real friend will always back you.

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2.  Love you for being you

A real friend will never try to change you and will even love your dorky personality. In fact, they may even join you to have some fun.

3. Hold no Grudges

A real best friend will never lose you. They will forgive you no matter what. Every human screw up at some point in life but an only real friend will stick on to you.

While with fake friends screwing up would cost you your friendship.

4. Stay by your side

Real friends vs fake friends have a different approach when it comes to moral support. A real friend will always back you even when you are wrong.

They will never get you humiliated in front of anyone. The fake ones will always find an escape when it comes to supporting.

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5. Let you explore

A real friend will never stop you from exploring yourself, while the fake one will try to stop you. Fake ones will have any lame excuse to stop you from what you are doing.

6. Knows all your mood swings

A real friend will always adjust to your quirks and mood swings and you don’t have to hide your feeling and emotions when you are with them. No one knows you better than your (real) best friend.

7. Always in touch

Fake friends will contact you when they need something from you or they have a juicy gossip to share with you.

While the real friends will never leave your side and will always interested in knowing what is going on in your life.

They don’t need to know about your heated argument in a relationship, but they would want to know about your well-being and health.

8. Secret-Keeper

Secret keeping is real friends vs fake friends. If you cannot trust a friend for your secrets, they should not be your friends. Fake friends’ gossip and talk behind your back and the real one’s will keep your secret and back you no matter what.

9. Don’t need to impress

You don’t need to dress up nice, do your hair and smell nice if you are hanging out with a real friend. However, if you try to impress your friend with nice clothes, and appearance, they are not your real friends. Real friends can hang out even looking gross.

10. I will be there for you!!!

A real friend will not make any excuse when it comes to patching up. They will always find a way to spend time with you. You always have to shoulder to cry on.

11. They don’t control your life

If you feel your friend is being bossy and tries to meddle into your affairs. They support your decision, not change them. They don’t try to change your appearance, relationships, and decisions. They support you no matter what.

Friends are one of the biggest assets of one’s lives and we hope this article will help you identify your real friends and hold onto them.