Rihanna and Chris Brown – Relationship and Breakup!

Rihanna and Chris Brown – Relationship and Breakup!

Rihanna and Chris Brown met at Vibe Awards in 2005. She was just 17 then. They performed a duet at an award ceremony where Rihanna sang his famous song “Umbrella while Chris Brown made a reply to that song by changing and replacing some of the lyrics titled “Cinderella”. They were together on tour dates around Asia after that. and they were often seen on date nights.

However, the story started months before the performance. Chris Brown has told in a documentary recently that they both had very good chemistry and understanding between them as friends but nothing else. He told that once they were sitting at Rihanna’s place and working together when Brown asked Rihanna that they really know each other and care for each other, they should be girlfriend and boyfriend. To which Rihanna was shocked and told him, he might not be ready for this relationship. Brown then confessed that he loved Rihanna and their love story began.

After their performance together fans sensed that there is something going on between the two. They both attended 2008 Grammy Awards separately and didn’t express their love for each other in front of cameras but at backstage, everyone guessed that there was something between the two.

After two days of Grammy Awards Brown performed at Rihanna’s birthday party and expressed his love to Rihanna openly.

They were caught swimming in a Jamaican pool where they were spending vacations together.
In 2008, Rihanna got open about her relationship and told that they were always best friends but they are close now. After they went public they were seen together quite often. They went on a vacation to spend time with each other and their friends in Barbados and were seen enjoying at the beach.

The couple was so madly in love and people loved them as a couple but then came the downfall of the two. Rihanna and Chris Brown were supposed to perform at Grammy Awards (2009) but the announcement was made that they couldn’t perform due to a car accident. But the world learned later than after a heated argument, Chris Brown beat Rihanna so badly that it gave her busted lips and black marks on her face. She was severely injured that she had to be hospitalized.
Brown turned himself him and got bail after felony battery.

The relationship was upside down after just one night. They were in a courtroom opposite each other instead of a beach or vacation. Brown was given a five year of formal probation and formal counselling for domestic violence. Feminists were so raged on the lenient sentence. Brown lost many fans but some took his side.

Brown revealed in an interview recently that he still loves Rihanna and he is so embarrassed by what he did. He became a monster and he didn’t figure out what he is doing until he did it. Well, abuser always makes excuses but this shattered his career for life. Radio and TV channels refused to play his songs due to domestic violence charges against him and what he did to Rihanna. People think of his apology as a scripted PR stunt

There were rumours that Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together in January 2013 and ended it again in April 2013. Brown dated Karreuche Tran in 2017 but she got herself a five-year restraining order against Brown after he threats her and got violent.

Well, the story had the worst ending to a fairytale. What do think of their relationship? Let us know in the comments section!