Robbert Pattinson will drive new BatMobile 2021

Robbert Pattinson will drive new BatMobile 2021

Matt Reeves in his latest tweet revealed the look of new Batmobile 2021 that new batman Robert Pattinson will Drive. Robert Pattinson known for his vampire role in twilight series was signed for batman role by Matt Reeves. Earlier the glimpse of Batsuit was also given by Reeves and got overwhelming response, he thanked the viewers for their wait and excitement for updates on every little thing related to batman.

The three pictures released by Matt Reeves shows the new batmobile 2021 that looks very heavy, a metallic car with a sign of bat on it. It resembles conventional cars in the 70s’s and ’80s. Some people have even linked the car to Fast n furious movies and some even said it looks like James Bond’s car.  The pictures of the batmobile are taken from different angles to give a clear picture. You can see a shadow of Batman as well. The visuals posted are very dark, which led to people anticipating the movie would be visually dark as well.

It’s a batman tradition that every version of Bruce Wayne gets his own design of batmobile. Batmobile is a constant when it comes to batman it is as old as batman himself. The first comic was released in 1939. For years the design of batmobile have been evolved both in movies and comic books. The latest batmobile in comics is however equipped of unique weapons, technology and armors to fight the enemy. The sneak peak of however the Pattinson batmobile is quite different from that, it resembles to the Batmobile of 80’s more than the modern one. It has a sleek design, and sexy look.

Along with Pattinson the cast of Batman includes Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon) , Andy Serkis (Alfred pennyworth) Paul Dano (Riddler), John Turturro (Carmine Falcon) and Colin Farell(Penguin). The plot as rumored will be batman fighting against a series of murders in Gotham City. It will be released on 25th of June, 2021.

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