Rock & Roll by Sean Downey – Album Review

Rock & Roll by Sean Downey – Album Review

The artist behind the phenomenal music albums Permanent and Atlus Vade has yet again released another fantastic album. Packed with witty lyrics, energetic delivery, and upbeat background music, Rock and Roll literally live up to its name.

With hints of alternative, hard rock, and electronic, the album gives off strong indie and pop-rock vibes. The most differentiating aspect of this album is truly the energetic and passionate delivery by the artist, Sean Downey. The background music of some tracks also has this nostalgic ring to it, somehow reminding you of classic teen movies such as She’s All That, Euro Trip, and 10 Things I Hate About You. Something in the album gives off that same rock and roll vibes as the music in these movies, and I for one, love it.

The album features seventeen songs in total, ranging from total rock and roll, like I Wanna go, to a bit slower one, like Teardrops and Sensitive.

Even though all of the tracks in this album are very different, and therefore it’s virtually impossible to compare them, we just love the track Even Deeper Connections. Something about this track rings differently. From the upbeat background music to the subtle lyrics, the track just seems very relatable. It is definitely something you could listen to when you are sad, without subjecting yourself to more misery.

Another favorite from this track has got to be Deep Connections. The lyrics of this track are so very meaningful and the subtle, subdued delivery makes them all the more impactful.

Well, I got myself a vocal track

and I feel that I need

reverb reverb reverb

I appreciate reality

but I feel you could reach

deeper deeper deeper

Well I’m sorry I’ve been busy

but you you can buzz on my

beeper beeper beeper

Despite the upbeat background music, the artist has somehow managed to pull at our heartstrings with the lyrics and the delivery. The most interesting aspect of this album is the unique juxtaposition of rock and roll background music with meaningful lyrics.

Rock & Roll by Sean Downey is now available on all major music streaming platforms including Spotify and Bandcamp. So, if you haven’t checked out this amazing album, we strongly encourage you to do so!  The links to the album are mentioned below so make sure not to miss out on this criminally underrated album by Sean Downey.