Ultimate Guide of SEO For Beginners

Ultimate Guide of SEO For Beginners

If you want to start writing on the internet and you want a good amount of traffic on your blogging or eCommerce website, you have to do more than just writing good content. Good content does help your website look good but what is a good website if you don’t have people coming and visiting you? 

In order to make your words heard, the first thing you need to understand is how it can be done. This is done through SEO so what is SEO? And how SEO works?

This guided series will help you who want to engage with their audiences. who are beginners, and who want to rank their websites.

Whether they want to earn through website monetization or want to increase online sales. This SEO for beginners will help you get what you want.

But first, we need to know what does SEO actually stands for. SEO is known as “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION” which you can say in a simple way  “Showing up on Google”. SEO really matters for all kinds of websites whether it’s blogging sites or eCommerce sites.

What SEO does is it builds trust with Google. As building trust is basically a foundation for every relationship. In the same way this foundation for your relationship with Google is your ticket to get yourself ranked.

But Google will only look into your blog or page if you have relevant content.

This means if the user is looking for something and it matches with your website and what your business is about with proper and complete information, google will put your site on the first-page result because Google thinks your website is useful and relevant.

Remember Top 3 results get 70% of traffic so it’s very important that your website ranks on Google’s first page results because 80% visitors never see the results on google page 2.

In this SEO Guide Series, we will cover short and long-term strategies. You will learn SEO Tips and Tricks and what are the essential things to do to make an SEO friendly website. Let’s dive into essential steps that you should take before starting the site to earn some money.

One important thing to note here is that people think that their business website will go like rocket speed and will get tons of traffic within just a short amount of time but this doesn’t happen overnight, SEO takes time to work.

Step 1: Practice for SEO

To practice SEO the first thing you need to do is create a WordPress site. If you don’t know how to create this site you can hire someone or choose domains like IONOS or Bluehost etc. 

These domains will help you by offering one-click installation so after choosing a domain name for your website you can install WordPress in one click.

After this you need to choose a Theme for your website, this is a very important step as you don’t want to choose a Theme that is too heavy. Having a heavy theme reduces the page speed so make sure you choose a lighter theme. (In another article we will discuss in detail the important things you should consider before creating your site).

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Step 2: Site Age

  • Option: 1

Site Age means “How old your website is”. If you bought a new domain and made the website just a few days ago so it will take time to build trust with google because google might consider your website a scam or think that this business might not be a business so it will not rank on the first page and send traffic.

You have to wait and apply the perfect SEO strategy to build trust and get ranked.

  • Option: 2

The second option is you can buy Aged Domain means buying a website someone created a long time ago which now they are not using you can build your website on their foundation. In this way you don’t have to wait long to get ranked.

You can buy old domains through social media groups or also from any domain provider auction. Just simply search keywords related to your business E.g. Photography, Beauty products or Travel services.

When you search you will see expired domains with different names for sale so you can select which name suits best for your business.

Some Aged domains also have backlinks. If you want to check which domains have strong backlinks simply go to Asherfs backlink checker and check how many backlinks domains have because backlinking plays a major role in SEO.

Also we recommend you to check what type of website is made on Aged domain just go and type wayback machine it will tell you when this website was created and also show you how the  website looks as it is important because you should know what type of content is on that website.

This is important to know because this tells you that the website isn’t banned or blocked from google due to some unethical content.

Step 3: Adding Security and HTTPS

A Secured Domain is really important for SEO as it helps increase your rankings. Most bloggers and business owners have no idea about this but HTTP means your site is not secured and HTTPS means your site is secured and you a have (secured site certificate).

You can get the SSL certificate from your WebHost provider just simply go to the WebHost panel and select SSL certificate after almost 72 hours you will find your website is secured and you will see a lock with your website in the web browser.

Step 4: Setup Analytics and Submit website Sitemap

Google Analytics and Indexing sitemap is very helpful for you. Google Analytics will show you stats like how many people are visiting your website from which country and which page is popular.

Indexing your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo is important because there are billions of websites on these search engines so you have to let them know about your website and tell hey here is my new post.

When you submit your website then they will be able to crawl up your whole website through short code.

How to Install Google Analytics:

Just go to Google Analytics login with your Gmail account. When you add your website on Analytics it will give you a code so you can paste this code between <Head> of your website or simply you can install any plugin to add this code.

There are lots of tutorials available on youtube so watch them and it will become easier for you to do it.

  • How to Get Indexed:

Go to Google Search Console login with your Gmail add your website address and it will give you a code you can paste the code in Yoast SEO or similar and Yoast will do all the hard work for you, then press verify now you can see stats reports of your website on Google Search Console.

Google Search Console also gives an option to submit Sitemaps so simply go to Yoast SEO, then go to Feature here you will find some option looks for XML SITEMAPS click on the small question mark icon than click on see XML SITEMAP anew window will open just copy the Sitemap_Index.Xml from chrome address bar and paste it on the google search console.

Before doing that go to YouTube and see any tutorial about how to submit the sitemap in Google Search Console.

Step 5: Load Time

A huge factor in website ranking is your website load time. If your website is slow people will not wait for your site to open. So it is really important to make your site faster.

Your website should open in less than 2 seconds. You can check your website speed through Google Page Speed, Gtmetrix, or Pingdom. We will discuss in detail how you can optimize your website in a separate article. Right now we will discuss what are the key factors that slow down your website:

  1. Domain server speed (don’t use shared domain)
  2. Unnecessary and large images
  3. Social media icons
  4. Lots of unnecessary plugins
  5. More than two or three fonts loading
  6. Too heavy theme
  7. Unused CSS and JS scripts.
  8. Embeds.

Step 6: Choose your keyword and Write Content

Now you are ready to start your business website or Blogging site both require articles for better ranking.

If you are doing online business so we recommend you to write articles about the products, tips, and tricks on how to use it.

These kinds of articles help you get customers or if you are planning to earn through website monetization so you have an SEO-based article to get on google first-page search results.

So choose a topic, put relevant keywords and write an article. For SEO you can do it through Yoast SEO or Math Ranks, either these plugins or any other similar plugins like these will help you do SEO and will guide you to add keywords in your title and in your Meta description. So you can watch tutorials on how to use Yoast SEO plugin just go through them and you will be fine.

Step 8: Internal linking

After you are done with the first steps above, the next step you need to do is cross-link your articles which means do internal linking between relevant articles.

For Example, if you wrote two articles one is about Wedding Photography and the other one is about Best Wedding venues both of these are relevant so you can internally link your Photography article into Best Wedding venues or vice versa.

You can cross-link all your posts but only if they make sense if they don’t then don’t cross-link them.

Step 9: Backlinks

Last but not least you should start building links. Backlinks are really important for generating more traffic also it will increase your domain authority.

If people find your article useful they will link (outbound link) of your article to their website. Getting backlinks for your sites isn’t easy but you have to work hard and start building links. You can simply ask any popular website through email and ask them to backlink your relevant article.

Hey XYZ here,

I saw your post and it’s really amazing you can check my XYZ post if you find it relevant and amazing so do link the article




All of these steps are important in SEO. SEO is not complete until all of these steps are not included.

each step has its own significance which has a huge impact on the overall website. You cannot avoid any step because through these steps you will be able to build a site that has visitors, that is ranked thus making it a strong reliable website!