Slatt Star by Yung Kobra – Album Review

Slatt Star by Yung Kobra – Album Review

If you are tired of the tasteless, aggressive, rap music, you should definitely check out Yung Kobra’s latest trap album Slatt Star. 

Many rappers feel the pressure of producing hardcore rap songs because rap is all about being a thug and a chick magnet, and having all the weird, nasty sex you can, right? 

Well, Yung Kobra is here to prove you wrong. He has truly revolutionized rap music by giving it his own individual style. In a world of monotonous rap songs about girls and money, Yung Kobra is like a breath of fresh air. He has developed a unique personal style that is primarily based on hip hop combined with other elements. The uplifting music is accompanied by original lyrics that people can relate to. Because let’s be honest, being a billionaire playboy with multiple groupies isn’t always relatable. And it’s getting a little old too. It’s high time that rap artists explore other genres and other themes. And Yung Kobra has essentially done that since the very beginning. 

His melodic trap sounds reek originality, which is becoming quite rare in the music industry. What we absolutely love about this album is that Yung Kobra is not shy to speak his mind. His lyrics aren’t just flat words about the glitter and glam of nightlife, he actually incorporates a relatable element in his songs. The surprising depth and dimension in the lyrics are definitely commendable because music is supposed to make you “feel”, not just merely make you bob your head to soul-less beats. 


Yung Kobra’s latest album Slatt Star is yet another testament to his musical genius. We just love the bright and positive tunes and the hip-hop background in this album. The album comprises eleven phenomenal songs; each one as unique as it gets. Yung Kobra is definitely one of those artists whose songs stand apart from others. So, his music never ever feels monotonous or repetitive. His colorful tunes and inspiring lyrics have garnered him a lot of attention in Boston and neighboring regions and it is safe to say that Yung Kobra even has an impressive a cult following by now. His song was even nominated for Song of the Year by Hip Hop New England. And we don’t have to tell you that it’s quite a remarkable feat. Especially considering that Yung Kobra is relatively new in the rap industry. But hey! it doesn’t take long to recognize the sheer talent in this guy.

So, let’s delve a little deeper into his brand new album Slatt Star, which is already making waves on the internet merely months after its release. Although we love every song from this album, our favorite has to be Regular. The phenomenal song has such vibrant, upbeat music that you can’t help but nod your head and move your hips to the beat. As far as the theme goes, this is definitely one of those rap songs featuring lots of money and a pretty girl. But nothing about this song feels repetitive or regular. It is still very different from other rap songs in terms of background music. The instrumental free beat and the smoky pop beat are sure to hold your attention from the very start. Overall, the song has a very aesthetic beat and the neon purple lights serve to give it a very chill vibe. The song is nothing less than a party anthem for young people and you only have to listen to it once to be hopelessly addicted to this song. Maybe that’s why it has over 19,000 views on YouTube alone, with fans gushing over this song. 

Another one of our favorites from this album is Switchin’ Lanes. This track is all about leveling up and improving your life. This song draws inspiration from Yung Kobra’s personal life as he waded through the financial and emotional crisis in his life. He acknowledged that music was the ladder that finally helped him climb up from those muddy waters. And this track is quite simply a brief recollection of those events. But don’t worry it’s not one of those sappy, sad songs. This one is as thug as it gets, with bright, colorful music and uplifting and inspirational lyrics. It is probably the most twisted, yet entertaining ted talk you’ll ever hear. And trust me, it does give you a much-needed dose of inspiration. You can listen to all of the songs here

Yung Kobra has a very unique voice, deep, yet a little muffled. It perfectly blends with the background music to give the desired effect. The muffled quality just makes it all the more aesthetic. It literally feels like the voice in your head, urging you to do great things. And let’s not forget the background music. The chill, hip hop tunes are nothing less than a musical enigma. There are so many layers in the background music that we can’t possibly identify and comment on them all. We’ve got a bit of instrumental music, some hip hop, and some really cool laid-back tunes. It might seem like a peculiar (and contrasting) combination, but it blends together so well. And it just produces that brand-new rap style that everyone is sure to love. Who doesn’t love confident, bright, and inspirational music, with a little bit of a thug element?

Well, we don’t know about you but it’s very much our jam. 

Slatt Star by Yung Kobra is now available on all major streaming platforms so, make sure to check this album out. Some of the songs are even available on YouTube, so you won’t have any trouble finding these songs. The unique background music and the relatable, positive lyrics are definitely not to be missed. Oh, and make sure to follow Yung Kobra’s social media to be updated about his latest releases. The social media handles are given below.