Success in Life – 3 key points to follow

Success in Life – 3 key points to follow

Success is never served in a plate. You have to plan it and earn it. A negative person can be anything but not successful. Success in life doesn’t mean wealth, fame, power, position etc. It is more related to your inner peace and satisfaction. There is no scale to measure success. You have to mold your thinking and activities to be a positive and successful person.

The biggest pitfall to success is following the herd. If you follow what everyone is doing and every day you’re following the same routine, you maybe not on the path of the success. Success in life relies on thinking out of the box, take big risks, and tackling challenges on the way. It also involves awakening your consciousness. You should what you are doing and why you are doing it. You should determine the goals of your life. Do you want a job? Or you want to shed some weight? Get a dream house? Start a family? Set your aim and start working for it consciously.

We will discuss 3 keys to success in life to keep your activities and decision making in line with your desire to succeed.

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1. List down Your Goals

How you start your day determines your productivity throughout the day. Your mind should be in the powerful state when waking up, to drive you through the whole day energetically. List down your goals in writing every morning and choose the most important ones. Long-term goals have the highest impact on life.

Think of all the activities and actions that will lead you to attain success in life. If you take 30 minutes getting out of bed, believe me, this is not taking you anywhere. Enlisting all the goals and activities will make you feel accomplished and you will feel you are already there. Re-write your goals every day and plan your daily activities in a manner that it will add value to your long term goals.

2. Unshaken Belief in yourself

A Strong belief system is the most requisite quality of every successful person. Nelson Mandela to Bill Gates, From Steve Jobs to Jack Ma, and every successful person had a strong belief in their ideas and goals. Just take an example of Jack Ma, founder of one of the largest marketplace online, he got rejected for all the jobs he applied after college. He stated in an interview that 50 people applied for a job in KFC and 49 got selected but not him.

What do you get from this story?

The one person left behind didn’t lose hope and believed in himself, which may not have been possible if he got that job. Have a strong belief in yourself and instead of whining about your failures. Don’t shy to tell your goals to people, even if you aim high. They may laugh out but eventually when you will achieve your goals they will respect you for your achievement.

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Every person who aimed high was made fun of initially, Graham Bell, Newton, Einstein, Thomas Edison but they made history and humanity will never forget them for their discoveries and inventions. They were also humans just like us, but the difference was the powerful and unshaken belief.

If you don’t believe in yourself, why should everyone else believe in you then?

3. Invest in Yourself

As per Warren Buffet, the wisest investment is to invest in yourself! Remember what you spend on your development is not an expense, it is an investment that will pay back you throughout your life.

Some things you can do for your internal satisfaction and your longterm development are

  • Joining a course/training program -that aligns to your goals
  • Start reading books for your enlightenment – Every successful person has a book reading habit. Study before going to bed and pen down all the important conclusions you draw from your readings
  • Go to the gym – Health is wealth
  • Eat good food – instead of eating unhealthy snacks and fast food, invest in your health and food to nourish your mind.
  • Have fun – You can spend a day out with friends or family. A relaxed and happy mind is necessary to get success in life.


Winners are not quitters and quitters are not winners. Keep moving on, try and try again, never lose hope. Read books for success in life stating stories of prominent figures. Sometimes in life, we think we have lost everything but it is not the case. When you lose hope, you actually lose everything.

Use the above advice to revise your destiny and see what life holds for you!

Good luck!