Taiwan Gives Away Masks To The World

Taiwan Gives Away Masks To The World

As per announcement on Wednesday, Taiwan will be donating 10 million surgical masks to the USA and Tibet countries as a gesture towards contributing its part in combating the coronavirus and excluding it from the globe.

A spokeswoman from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that two million masks will be donated to American front line medical staff along with the addition of another 100,000 masks weekly as per pledge.

They feel that it is their responsibility as a country and is a small gesture and best that they can do in these challenging times.

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Taiwan itself had the population of 23 million and is now manufacturing 13 million masks on daily basis. The government hope that this gesture would do good in the times of international crisis. 

As of today, there are only 322 casss reported of COVID-19 with 5 deaths. 

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In addition to the shipment of masks in the USA, Taiwan is also making and giving 7 million masses to European countries and 1 million to the remaining countries. 

The Secretary of the State expressed support of Taiwan’s support in the WHO decision making body, the World Health Assembly.