Taylor Swift New Album ‘Folklore,’ on the way

Taylor Swift New Album ‘Folklore,’ on the way

Taylor Swift new album is on her way. She tweeted a surprise for her fans. She is releasing a new album named “Folklore” this week. She has written and recorded the whole album in complete isolation due to the current lockdown situation going on.  The announcement was so sudden that it was, in fact, a surprise.

She also added that this summer nothing went how she planned, she was hinting to the cancelled tour of her album “Lover” released in August 2019. And this album is something she didn’t plan but did happen.

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She wrote in her post that she has poured all her whims, dreams, happiness and fears into this album. Although she wrote and recorded the album in isolation, she took the help of cowriters Jack Antonoff (producer, songwriter and her collaborator) and Bon Iver (Grammy Award winner writer).

Taylor Swift new albums were usually announced with several tactics. She used to hint the fans of her upcoming projects in her Instagram posts, color schemes, magazine covers. That’s how she released her last album “Lover” in Aug 2019. But things are quite different now.

Taylor Swift said that she used to wait for the perfect time of release for her music, but the conditions around the world today made her realize that nothing is certain. She said that if you have created something you should give it out to the world instead of holding onto it.  Because at least there will be something you’ll be certain of.

Taylor has been out of the news since January when her Netflix documentary Miss Americana was released.

Taylor is known to pour out her feelings in the form of the songs she writes and sings. She has written many songs that used to hint to her relationships and feelings. Let’s see what Taylor Swift new album has got this time.