Tenet Movie with Christopher Nolan Delayed Indefinitely

Tenet Movie with Christopher Nolan Delayed Indefinitely

Christopher Nolan Tenet movie is the most speculated movie of 2020. The movie was scheduled to release on July 17, 2020, but was delayed to August 14, 2020, due to the pandemic situation going on. But according to the latest reports the movie has been delayed for the indefinite period of time. Nolan was given an option for worldwide release before the US but he refused to do so. But the aspect of international release has been considered again due to the unexpected closing of movie theatres and the Covid-19 pandemic. He said that he wanted to support the US Film industry in this time of crisis and releasing the movie in the USA is his top priority.

However, to our surprise, no one could figure out the exact plot and characters in the Christopher Nolan Tenet movie. The trailer shows a minimum of plots and characters. The only thing obvious is that Pattinson and Washington are working on a mission and Washington is maybe a leader and is played by Martin Donovan.

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The action moments shown in the trailer include armour-clad man slithering back on the floor, a car crash on a highway, and casual comments about approaching World War III. The bits shown in the trailer confirms that the movie has much more to offer. The movie might have sci-fi element because things don’t seem to be on place as per gravity, in fact, abrupt sliding can be seen in the trailer. One thing we are sure of is that the movie (as expected) doesn’t revolve around time travelling.

As per our breakdown of trailer Washington and Pattinson comprise a two-unit spy group and are searching for people trying to use a science-defying weapon that could lead to World War III. All of these are speculations until we see the original movie.

Christopher Nolan will go for a traditional release and may not release on any online platform. The expected release date is somewhere around the end of this year but still, we cannot be sure of anything in this uncertain world. Tenet is delayed by Warner Bros and will release traditionally which means it will reach out to the masses.

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The movies are getting delayed due to the current pandemic. Fans will have to wait for the Christopher Nolan Tenet movie. It is not clear when the movie will get released but if things turn out well the movie will release before the end of 2020. Warner Bros has also delayed the upcoming horror classic Conjuring part 3, which was expected to release in September but now is delayed till Summer of 2021.

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