The Batman 2021: Production is stopped due to Coronavirus

The Batman 2021: Production is stopped due to Coronavirus

The Batman 2021, Starring Robert Pattinson production is stopped due to coronavirus pandemic confirmed by The Batman Director Matt Reeves, he shared this news on twitter for the curious fans who want to know about the Production development of “The Batman 2021”. In his tweet he said, yes we stopped production for the safety of our crew which is far important than production.

Matt Reeves confirm this news in his tweet after reports where on the social media that film release will be delayed due to coronavirus.

Producers of The Matrix 4 and Red Notice also stopped the production as taking precautionary measures from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Right now major issue for Hollywood studios during this pandemic is reorganizing films production and rescheduling release dates for films. The Batman current release date is June 25, 2021. Now it depends on the COVID-19 pandemic situation that may be more delay in production, the release date could be changed. Another DC film, Wonder Woman 1984, release month has been switched from June to August 2020.

Fans are also excited about the new design of Batmobile 2021, Matt reeves posted three pictures of Batmobile 2021, it resembles modified 70s’s and ’80s  conventional car. Some people relate Batmobile with Fast and Furious cars and some even commented that batmobile looks like James bond’s car.