The Batman Resume its filming After Robert Pattinson COVID-19 Shutdown

The Batman Resume its filming After Robert Pattinson COVID-19 Shutdown

The Batman production is started again and now Robert Pattison is cleared and back on a film set. Back in March film principal photography shutdown when the coronavirus hit badly. The Batman started filming again recently but after a few days of shooting the movie, production was again stopped because Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19 which forced Warner Bros to stop its shooting and deal with the unfortunate situation.

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When this happened nobody was sure when the film would start rolling its cameras again. Not only Pattinson’s health was the main concern, it was WB that had to make sure that he didn’t transfer the virus to anyone who were involved in the production. Only 25% of the film shooting was done when the first shutdown happened and still, there is a lot of work that needs to be done from the film production team, so any more delays in production will affect the release date that is October 2021. Well, Thank God The Batman is healthy now and running again.

As per Variety, production of The Batman has resumed after Pattinson was cleared. WB followed health and safety protocols with others who were in close contact with Pattinson during production, they were also quarantined.

Well, the good news is that production the delay only lasted 2 weeks. If the production work is resuming now it is important that Pattinson has made full recovery from coronavirus. The Batman has lots of time to makeup and it will be exciting to see how production work will go. Director Matt Reeves and the company can still catch up with the time to finish its production as the film has over a year to hit the theaters. Hopefully, the film will face no more setbacks in the future because the pandemic is still going on and it’s possible that someone could get sick on The Batman set which would cause another delay.

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For now, film production has started and moving forward with safety protocols in place. Hopefully, all things go well and smoothly from here.