The Flash Movie Will Include Many DC Characters

The Flash Movie Will Include Many DC Characters

The Flash movie, a solo of Ezra Miller will feature a lot of DC characters as per the reports. The character first appeared on the big screen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by DC Extended Universe. Ezra Miller’s version of Flash (Barry Allen) is finally ready to star in his own film.

DC and Warner Bros. have been working on this project for years and it wasn’t an easy task. The movie will be directed by Andy Muschietti and will cover the multiverse in a storyline that will be somehow based on the Flashpoint.

Batman vs Superman has proved lucky for many superheroes and helped them in getting their solo movies. One of the examples is Wonder Woman. Even though some loose ends were left open, the upcoming movie Wonder Woman 1984 will clear the confusion. Flash was also introduced on the big screen on the same movie and will feature in its solo movie soon.

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The Flash movie will consist of more comics characters than just Flash himself. There was an announcement recently where Michael Keaton is reported to return as Batman in Flash. However, a surprising twist is that will not be the only Batman to appear, Ben Affleck will also be a part of the version of Dark Knight in The Flash (despite the belief that he will never appear as Dark Knight again). The two versions of Batman are not the only superheroes that will appear in the movie.

The second day of DC FanDome featured a section of Q&A with the cast and crew behind The Flash and many new details have been revealed. A question was directed to Barbara Muschietti and he was asked for more information about the movie. She said that she couldn’t reveal much information about the film, because people will lose the charm of the movie, but Barbara gave a hint that Batman and Flash will not be the only characters in the movie.

Barbara further said that fans will be excited to see so many DC characters in the movie. Flash will act as a bridge between time and all the superheroes, you can say that everything will start again and nothing is left.

Wonder Woman 1984 is also releasing by the end of this year and the release of this movie will clear the confusions about the future of superhero movies.

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The Flash has been in development for a long time, now people are anxious to know which DC characters will be part of the movie. There are many rumors about the characters to be included in the film. Some people are predicting that Gal Gadot will appear as Wonder Woman, some thought that Thomas Wayne will be a part of the movie. Some say that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg will also have a place in the movie.

There are chances that not only the current superheroes of the DC Universe will be a part of the movie but also the past versions of DC characters will be a part of this film. This is already a reality because of Keaton’s return, but there is a chance that other past versions of DC characters will also be included.

The movie is expected to hit the big screens in 2022. Due to the corona pandemic, WB has delayed 8 of their movies to 2020, 2021, and 2022. So, fans are waiting to see their superheroes in The Flash movie soon.