The Forever Purge Movie Release Date Delayed

The Forever Purge Movie Release Date Delayed

In mid-march when coronavirus hit the world badly, worldwide people face lockdown and practicing social distancing, all businesses shut down including theaters, when theaters closed their gates all over the world, studios pushed back their upcoming movies release dates and also the production of many projects stopped. Now it’s reported that Universal officially announced the delay of The fifth Purge- The Forever Purge which was planned to release in July.

If theaters reopen their gates on July 1st, then moviegoers have two movies to watch on the big screen, Russell Crowe’s movie Unhinged and after a couple of weeks Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet, which is planned on July 16.

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Over the past couple of months, studios changed the release dates of their upcoming movies. The Forever Purge was planned to release on July 10th, 2020, the film producer Jason Blum was doing post-production work of the fifth purge while self-quarantining at home, this is the reason that post-production work didn’t stop during this coronavirus shutdown, and it looks like The Forever Purge could make it to release on its previous date, but now that’s not gonna happen.

Today Universal issue press release in which they announced that The Forever Purge delayed for the time being and also they mentioned that new date will set later.

It was speculated in past few weeks the universal will release The Forever Purge on VOD, as they did with Trolls world tour and released on VOD, and also planning to release The King of Staten Island on VOD, but their today’s press release confirmed that The fifth purge will release in theaters. Due to the release of Trolls world tour on VOD, AMC theaters announced that they will not be going to show universal films. Well right now the situation is unclear as universal releasing the film on VOD or not, also nobody is sure yet about the reopening of theaters in July.

Right now all eyes are on Tenet, moviegoers are waiting to see what Warner Bros. will decide, will they release in July or not. If Tenet delayed, so moviegoers have to wait until winter holidays. The Forever Purge new release date is not set yet, Maybe they pushed back the movie and released it in 2021. Due to coronavirus pandemic, this practice becomes common that studios are delaying their movie release dates. Stay tuned with Buzzwonder for more updates on upcoming movies.