The Formula of Forgive & Forget

The Formula of Forgive & Forget

Forgive & Forget is a sign of strength because forgiving someone is hard.  It is difficult to forgive someone who did wrong deeds and also who aren’t worthy of forgiveness.

Forgiving gives mental peace and enhances physical health. It lightens the burden and uplifts your inner self. If you think it is hard for you to forgive someone and move on about, here are a few ways which you must follow:

Forgive & Forget


Be honest to yourself about yourself and the reason of your anger and hurt. If that person made an impact on your life and personal growth and made your self-esteem suffer then you know the real reason behind that anger.

Once you know what made you angry and cross; then there is an option for you to either forgive that person or not.

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Making a decision of forgiving or not forgiving someone should be made in full consciousness.  The negativity and anger you hold up inside for someone might affect your health and will cling on to you till you find mental peace.

Forgive & Forget


It is very difficult to have compassion for someone who hurt you or made you angry. Before making any decision ask yourself some questions and think what good or bad has he done or is it worth it to stay angry at that person for the rest of your life or forgive him and forget the matter and move on with life along with mental peace.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you only go to them and say sorry. It could be any gesture like smiling at them or doing a handshake or giving them a small gift as a token of peace.

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Whatever you went through only makes you stronger and gives you courage. You have to keep yourself strong and you must be wise enough to know when to make the decision. Forgiving someone isn’t going to make you small, instead, it will boost your wisdom and intellect and other person will feel more remorse about being forgiven regardless of whatever he did.