The Good Doctor’s Fall Finale Tragedy – Breakdown!

The Good Doctor’s Fall Finale Tragedy – Breakdown!

In the classic midseason finale, the last new episode of The Good Doctor in 2021 provided some huge new twists for the hospital as well as some discoveries that had undoubtedly been a long time coming in Season 5. Because the show won’t be back for long to tell what happens next, let’s recap what transpired before the pharmacy scene and what the tragedy’s aftermath means for the show’s future.


Wedding Cancel?

Shaun was already in an intense emotional phase as a result of Lea confessing that she went to see Glassman and changed Shaun’s patient review results after the system made him appear to be losing, altering the results was unbearable for him. He demanded that she reverse the results, and when she refused, he implied that she deserved to be fired for violating the rules.

It’s possible that the argument blew up during the C-section. He yelled that he couldn’t marry her because he didn’t believe she was trustworthy. He sobbed into Glassman’s arms at the end of the show, and Lea could only stare.

It’s hard to believe that the long-running Lea and Shaun romance is finally over following the Season 5 finale, and it’s unlikely that he’ll rethink his mind anytime soon unless there’s a time leap.

Dr. Lim has had her fill!

Dr. Lim genuinely cares about her patients and appeared to be just as devastated as Shaun following the tragedy. Lim confronted Salen and told her straight out that a baby had died due to a lack of medication. When Alma awoke and saw what had happened, she instructed the hospital owner to call her lawyers, prompting Salen to counsel “discretion.”

The Good Doctor didn’t portray Salen as a gloating evil since she was clearly saddened by the death. And Lim appeared to recognize that they had all been exposed as a result of what had happened.

 Has Glassman decided to stay at St. Bonaventure?

It was evident that Glassman was ditching his plans to go to Montana. His ex-wife told him about how Shaun needs him, not the other way around.  One of Shaun’s claims against Glassman was that the baby would not have died if he had been in control of the hospital instead of Salen.

Is it possible that this will push Glassman to try to reclaim some power at St. Bonaventure? After all, Shaun appeared to find a lot of expired medications in the pharmacy, thus Salen’s cost-cutting could have impacted more patients in the hospital.

Fans will have to wait a little longer for The Good Doctor to return. The show was not included in ABC’s list of shows with midseason launch dates, and it isn’t likely to return with new episodes until the spring. For now, as the autumn TV season of 2021 draws to a close, stay tuned to our website for more entertainment news.