The Hunger Games Recapped As a Zoom Meeting

The Hunger Games Recapped As a Zoom Meeting

The Hunger Games has been the one of the most entertaining and exciting movies of the decade. When most of us are busy in work from the home situation due to current pandemic, the social media team of the franchise has captured the right opportunity and given us something amazing. With amazing editing, the team has shrunken The Hunger games first movie in a series down to a Zoom call. It is to make your normal workday meetings more exciting and interesting.

The twitter account of The Hunger Games shared a short video over the weekend with a bold introduction with Tributes they also gave a reminder to unmute you in the meeting. The video is below one minute, the 74th Annual Hunger Games Zoom meeting has very cleverly captured the whole movie in this small clip.

Even though years have been passed but the unique storyline (adapted from The Hunger Games books), still resides in our mind. Jennifer Lawrence proved herself as the best action heroine. The movie showed a post-apocalyptic autocratic and brutal government in the Capitol and has divided the United States into 12 states. The 12 states are divided on the basis of work required and performed by the people of seven districts. For example, lumber, transportation, fishing, textile, power etc. The poorest district is District 12 where people don’t get enough food to eat and are involved in the work of mining. Katniss Everdeen belongs to District 12. The Government organizes an annual Hunger Games show that is the show of life and death fight between kids of 12 districts. From every district, 2 kids are chosen through balloting. Then they fight for their lives and the last survivor is the winner of the game.

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The clip shows glimpses of fights throughout the Hunger Games. Cannon fire can be heard every second signaling the death of a contestant or a signal that a person has left the meeting. One by one all the participants of the meeting fade away as per the order of their death timeline. In the end, only Katniss and Peeta remains and are declared as winners.

The movie may not be a perfect summary of the movie; the team has tried to incorporate the biggest moments from The Hunger Games but has missed several major moments of the show, for example, Katniss and Peeta pretending to fall in love to gain sympathy to win the show. The clip is a reminder of the fan’s obsession to the show a few years back. Have you seen the clip let us know in the comments?