“The Invisible Man” is Ruling Cinemas

“The Invisible Man” is Ruling Cinemas

This year box office has given 3 flop (non) scary horrors but finally, Leigh Whannell has given the first hit horror movie of the year 2020 The Invisible Man . The genre of this movie can also be looked upon as a thriller or Sci-fi. Whannell marked his fame from sumptuous movies in the past including Saw and Insidious series.

The Invisible Man plot revolves around a rich scientist Adrian Griffin played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen and her ex-girlfriend Cecilia Kass played by Elisabeth Moss. Adrian pretend to commit suicide and through some technique becomes invisible and makes her life hell. No one believes her side of story. The topic have been discussed in many movies earlier as well, for example “Sleeping with the enemy”, “The Burning Bed” and”Enough”. The thrill and horror of the story keeps you engaged throughout the movie.

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The Invisible Man is leading cinemas and grossed $29 million dollars in three days a few millions behind Get Out (2018) which grossed $33.4 million. While the budget before marketing and promotion is $7 million.

Some critics think The Invisible Man is used as a metaphor. How Cecilia is facing abuse, being manipulated, and getting blame for things she haven’t done and the worst part is no one believes her. Some people have even linked the movie to the twitter famous hashtags movement #MeToo.

The movie is received well by critics. Rotten tomatoes has rated the movie 90%. Moss’s has won the game of expressions through her marvellous performance. The movie revolves around her struggle of getting rid of an abusive relationship and then dealing with something existent yet invisible.