‘The last of us’ series… an upcoming work of Chernobyl’s creator Craig Mazin and HBO

‘The last of us’ series… an upcoming work of Chernobyl’s creator Craig Mazin and HBO

Creator of Chernobyl Craig Mazin and HBO are back with another series “The Last of Us” which is an adaptation of a popular video game of the same name by Sony and PlayStation. The series will be written by Neil Druckmann the writer and creative director of the game. This kind of adaptation is very rare as video games are very seldom turned into TV shows. Neil has expressed his pleasure to work for this adaptation.  PlayStation Productions and Sony Pictures will co-produce the show, it’s the first time PlayStation is producing a TV show.

The plot of the show will revolve around the post-apocalyptic era. A suspicious fungal infection has been spread throughout the world. The infection turns people into monstrous creatures with fleshy buildup, they cannot see but they hear the sound and then attack their prey. The people having fungal disease are called infected and they hunt for other people.

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The game the last of us revolves around Joel who is a divorced father and tries to escape the chaos with his brother Tommy and daughter Sarah. His daughter is killed by soldiers and he becomes devastated. Then the story takes a leap of 20 years after spread. Now Joel is working with his partner Tess as a smuggler he tries to kill Robert to recover stolen weapons from him, where Robert tells him about Fireflies a group of people who are fighting to create democracy as there is no Government left. The military took over and the quarantined zones are under martial law. Fireflies are also finding a cure for the infection. Joel meets the girl Ellie as he is given task to smuggle her across the country. During his journey he finds out Ellie in infected but also finds out that she is immune to the infection and she is infected since three weeks, and she wants to go to the fireflies so they could find a cure analyzing her immunity.

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The story seems really thrilling, let us see what changes the writers will make into the adaptation. Video game lovers and people who like apocalyptic movies are very happy on the news, even some are speculating Hugh Jackman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for the character of Joel.