The Matrix 4 Plans To Resume its Production

The Matrix 4 Plans To Resume its Production

Due to Global health concerns, all the work of the entertainment industry is on hold. Film and TV productions shutdown and release of upcoming blockbuster movies delayed, Also Lana Wachowski’s movie The Matrix 4 production shut down after it was in its initial production stage. Fans are eagerly waiting for what Wachowski has kept for the Sci-Fi movie. Now we have a clue when Wachowski will start filming of a blockbuster movie.

The Matrix 4 action sequences and its filming have many different locations, The Matrix 4 filming was just started, when the worldwide lockdown happened. Lana Wachowski will resume her pending work when everything will get normal and safe.

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According to the latest updates, it looks like the film will resume its shooting at the start of July, also Deadline confirms that film cast has signed eight weeks extension contract to keep the actors on hold until the first week of July.

This is not the first blockbuster movie that gets a chance to start its production soon, as of now two countries New Zealand and the UK gave green light to the entertainment industry to resume their work, once the SOPs of coronavirus created for the safety of film cast and crew. So now its looks like The Matrix 4 also included in the list with The Avatar 2 and The Batman who is planning to start its production soon.

After the ending of The Matrix Revolution, despite the deaths of some characters, In Matrix 4, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will again be playing their roles as Neo and Trinity, Lambert Wilson, and Jada Pinkett Smith also returning along with many other newcomers in the franchise.

We are hoping that The Matrix 4 will soon start its production, so, for now, nobody knows about the film story and its too early because the movie is in its initial stage of production, so fans have to wait patiently for the information about The film story until they got its first trailer. The Matrix 4 theatrical release is planned on May 21st, 2021.