The New Captain America? What’s New?

The New Captain America? What’s New?

We are rushing into the finale of Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and still waiting for what we wanted to see. A new TV Spot for the series’ finale indicates Sam Wilson suiting up in the new Captain America suit. Yes, exactly what fans wanted!

Throughout the series, Sam fought with his inner self to understand the true meaning of being Captain America.  He gave the mantle to the US Government, who consequently picked John Walker to continue Steve Roger’s legacy. The duo didn’t appreciate that. However, their saturation reached its peak when Walker committed cold-blooded murder, surprisingly, using the shield.

The fans were outraged when Walker was chosen to be the new Captain America. They were waiting for the moment when the duo strips him of the shield. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s penultimate episode fulfilled their wish. The titular characters ultimately fought with John Walker and stole the Captain America shield back from him immediately after he acted violently.

Even though Sam got the shield back in his possession, his fight with his inner self continued as he wrestled his thoughts regarding a Black Man taking up the mantle of Captain America. He took up advice from Isaiah Bradley regarding the matter and by the end of the penultimate episode made the defying decision as he opened up the box presented to him by Bucky.

The final episode will show Sam Wilson in the new hybrid Captain America-Falcon suit. We’ll be seeing the promised Captain America fight his final battle against Flag Smashers, Batroc and a contending battle with John Walker and his new shield for the Captain America mantle.

Meanwhile, we can also expect Sharon Carter to emerge out differently as MCU’s Power Broker and Bucky returning to help his friend, “the new Captain America”.