The Old Guard: Unsolved Mysteries from the Netflix Movie

The Old Guard: Unsolved Mysteries from the Netflix Movie

Netflix record-breaking action-drama movie The Old Guard leaves some big questions unsolved and unanswered. They might have done it on purpose as they are planning a trilogy of the movie. The Old Guard revolves around a group of immortals which is led by Andy (played by Charlize Theron). They self-assign themselves on missions to make things right. The immortals include Booker (played by Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (played by Marwan Kenzari) and Nicky (played by Luca Marinelli), and they will be soon joined by U.S. Marine Nile Freeman (KiKi Layne). The team is given a fake project to the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. The company wants all the immortals to find out the unleased secrets. 

The series is based on comic series by Greg Rucka. The movie is the most-streamed movie in the history of Netflix but there are some questions that were left unanswered in the show. The movie had an ambiguous ending that might predict some loose ends.

Here we present some biggest questions that were left unanswered in the movie for some reason.

  • The Reason of Old Guard Immortality

This is the biggest question that was left unanswered during the movie. How the Old Guard became immortal, who provides the the power of immortality, Is it due to some genetic mutation or God’s divine gift. The questions are unanswered in the movie but the sequels might answer these questions.

  • Andy’s Age

Andy age is not clear despite Nile asking her age again and again. However, the fact that she was worshipped as a Goddess due to her immorality, she was given the title of Andromache, Queen of the Amazons, and battled Heracles. Andy might have forgotten her age because she might be centuries old but the exact time or even nearest time is not mentioned in the movie.

  • Andy Losing her Immortality

Andy lost her immortality. We don’t know why and how, but the fact we know is that The Old Guard can lose their immortality. She doesn’t heal from a stab and that’s when she realizes she has lost her immortality. Her team looks shocked as if they didn’t know the immortality is not permanent. The comics have not explained the reason for this, let’s see how the movie will unleash reality.

  • Is Andy Getting Immortal Again

Fans want to know is there some way Andy can become immortal again. Have she ever been mortal before and turned to immortal afterwards. Her friend and team member Lyon, was immortal but lost his ability and died in a battle. Does Andy want to die? Or she wants to get her immortality back? Her team members seem worried about her mortality though!

  • Quynh Escape

Quynh was one of Andy’s partner and they were captured during a witch hunt in Europe. After handing from the ceiling and still being alive, Quynh is forced to trap in a metal coffin and then drowned into the sea. The part is quite disturbing because Quynh cannot die due to her immortality so she has to die and reborn again and again over the period of five centuries. However she somehow manages to escape from the bottom of the sea, but the question is left answered how she escaped?

  • Quynh and Booker

Why Quynh approached Booker after getting out of the trap. Booker is exiled from the team due to his betrayal, but why Quynh wanted to meet him? Does she seek revenge from Andy or she wants to find her? How did she find Booker? Maybe she had some visions about him as the group had visions about Nile. But why no one else had a vision about Quynh when she was trapped or when she escaped. 

  • The Old Guard Saving Humans

It is revealed in the show that The Old Guard has saved hundreds of people throughout history. But who assigns them the task to save a human, how do they get visions? Who is controlling their actions, their missions, and directions? The mysteries remain unsolved!

  • Number of Immortals

Are there any other immortals around the world or the team is limited to the number of people shown in the movie. Maybe there are other immortal humans other than these seven who didn’t find out of their immortality yet.

Though Charlize Theron movie has some questions unanswered, fans definitely want a sequel of the movie to find out the answers to the unsolved mysteries.