The Rambler by TuskHead – A treat for Folklore fans!

The Rambler by TuskHead – A treat for Folklore fans!

Although folk music is not everyone’s cup of tea, the brand-new album by TuskHead is sure to change that.

The Rambler by TuskHead (Patrick Van Zandwijk) is sure to have you nodding your head in sync with the melody. The guy has definitely proved himself to be a genius with a guitar. The melodies are so sweet, you can almost feel all your tensions melting away as you listen to this album. There is a variety of layers in the background music; we’ve got the guitar, drums, a bit of harmonica along other instruments. Overall, this album is certainly a fresh breath of air after listening to soul-less rap songs with blaring electric beats. There is only so much urban music you can take before your ears start to bleed out. This album certainly came at a very befitting time. If there is one thing that the Covid pandemic has taught us, it’s got to be the importance of nature. And this album just gives you the rural, country vibes that we’ve all been craving for. Wild and free; it makes you nostalgic about folk music.

This album takes you back to the carefree and wild days on the ranch, or countryside in warm summer evenings. You can feel the country vibe permeate into your body and can’t help but nod your head to the music. It is actually a blend of genres including folk music and a few other types; the trademark style of TuskHead. Coming to the lyrics, we’ve got to say that the songs are certainly very well written. TuskHead’s voice is raw, full of emotion, and most importantly; impactful. He has managed to infuse a lot of emotion into the songs and you can just feel that he is singing from the heart. His deep voice goes very nicely with both the overall genre and lyrics. So, by the time you are done with this album, you would definitely fall in love with country music.

The five tracks in this album are all based on different themes, some happy and some sad. But all these songs make you think. It’s quite bittersweet actually. Our favorite song from this album has got to be Blue because the guitar sequence in this song is simply amazing and the lyrics refer to finding love in the dark times. However, Regrets (Feat. Debora & Rebecca), I Guess, The Whiskey, Change, are also so full of love and emotions that you will add them to your playlist right away.

As indicated in the names, the songs deal with the storyline of love and hardships. “Regrets” is a song that every one of us can relate to. We all think of the choices we’ve made in the past, and how our life could be different if we’d have made different choices. “Change” is a song for the people who want their better half to change in a relationship. “I Guess” is a song for one-sided or you can say, impossible love. While “Whiskey” is such a mood changer song. The fun rock and roll song is to help you in ending the tough week you had with a glass of whiskey you deserve.

The Rambler is mostly a One-Man show by TuskHead expect some of the work that we think is worth-praising. For example, the amazing drums played by Glenn Welman, Back vocals by Debora and Rebecca (talented nieces of the artist) in Regrets. The album is mixed and mastered by Julius Sharrock and Jonathan Ferede contributed through his splendid art direction and photography.

The Rambler by TuskHead was released on 23rd of April, 2021, and is now available for you as follows

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