The Shoulds’ That We Should Not.

The Shoulds’ That We Should Not.

Ever wondered, The ”shoulds” that we are ought to do. But why we’re reluctant to? Even when they are super odd? Like in this article I have directed the main idea towards you all in the beginning which is not exactly how it “Should” be. Let’s say I am a little all over the place. Yet it should not be this way as this is social media and we “should” behave in a certain manner?

Everything should be organized right?

Our obsessive compulsion in regards to the way we should post. Should be in a certain manner. How many ”shoulds” do we impose on ourselves in our daily lives that don’t make sense to us? They aren’t what we abide by, but yet we do them anyway because we SHOULD??!

Clearly this is more about the unnecessary impositions we place on ourselves and the dear ones around us.. So the most common ”Should” that I have to go through (which I gladly embrace as a blessing). The ”shoulds” with age. The ”shoulds” with the right job. The ”shoulds” with marriage and most definitely the ”shoulds” as a writer. And that’s not all, the list definitely goes on!

We all come with a different story, our journey has different timings.

If your neighbor bought a car and you didn’t, you should not worry. You’re younger cousin got married before you. So what? You had gap years didn’t graduate with your best friend. So what? Your brother went abroad to travel, you can’t afford it? So what? Your art isn’t falling into place, you can’t finish your piece, the chords won’t play as you want! Your family doesn’t seem to care. So what?

Your idea wasn’t selected and performed. So what?

Not every ”should” is applied to you! They simply are not. Stick to your grind but EMBRACE YOUR PAUSES. Inspiration lies within the pauses, the blocks, the hindrance, and the very clauses. Inspiration lies, in the blank spaces we see as VOIDS!

What are the ”shoulds” that you had to go through today? Or have to every day? How do you overcome them? What bounds you with those shoulds? Is it really, really worth giving up the true raw emotion of ”otherwise” that can be the instrument to your soul’s or mind’s sanctuary?

Don’t let their ”Should” for you, steal your truly desired shoulds away.
Own what YOU SHOULD.