The Surface by FEELSOUL – Album Review

The Surface by FEELSOUL – Album Review

FEELSOUL has just released this newest album and quite understandably, it has already garnered a lot of positive reviews. 

FEELSOUL, formerly known as J. Ransom, has never failed to impress us with his distinct vocals and his unique rap style. The artist has given us one after another phenomenal albums and it is safe to say that this one doesn’t disappoint either. He has a good understanding of mixing different genres and he perfectly understands the crucial balance between background music and the lyrics composition. His unique perception of the world shows that he is quite comfortable thinking outside the box. With an extensive vocabulary, the tracks are nothing less than a lyrical enigma. The way he draws comparisons between different things, it’s certainly very thought-provoking. 

His newest album, Surface, falls under the genre of rap and comprises seven superb tracks. So, if rap music is your jam, you should definitely check out this phenomenal album. Like now! 

The album’s popularity is completely warranted, everything from the background music to the lyrics and composition is immaculate. Each of the seven tracks features a distinct theme with unique background music so it definitely doesn’t feel like an extension of one song. 

The album is just a different vibe altogether; it’s fun, it’s casual, yet it doesn’t fail to leave an impact on the listeners. The artist has managed to project a strong, confident voice that makes you think AND nod your head to the beat. Honestly speaking, we weren’t expecting this album to be this good and we were pleasantly surprised by the depth of the emotions we first felt when we listened to it. FEELSOUL is definitely a very underrated artist, which is unfortunate because the guy is a gifted rapper. His style is just so natural and fluent. At no point in the songs does it feel rushed, or the words squashed together. FEELSOUL has enunciated each word and emphasized all the key phrases which make the album all the more impactful. 

We personally love his unique style which includes everything ranging from a bit of indie to hip hop and lo-fi. This artist continues to prove that he can literally work with anything! Surface by FEELSOUL is yet another testament to this fact. One of the most distinct things about this album is the contrast between the background music and the lyrics. FEELSOUL has composed the songs with a strong, unyielding voice, quite crisp and impactful. Yet the background music is very chill and laid back. This direct contrast is one of the key things that makes this album SO enjoyable in our opinion. 


Another thing that we like about this album is that the artist hasn’t dragged the songs unnecessarily; the tracks are kept quite short (about two and a half minutes each). Although the length of the tracks can also be a little disappointing because the songs are so good that you would basically want them to go on forever. 

Our favorite from this album has got to be Surviving Cold Days. The background music in this track is such a unique blend of tunes that you can’t help but play it over and over again. The lyrics of this track are also quite meaningful and yet so relatable. The comparison between the highs and lows of life and the different seasons is nothing short of sheer genius. It just makes you believe that there is a spring waiting for you after you survive the cold; there isn’t any shortcut to good days. This powerful theme is what makes this such an inspiring song. And again, we love the stark contrast between the lyrics and the background music. It’s amazing how such motivational lyrics are complimented with chill, laid-back tunes. The music instantly lifts your mood and transports you into a Zen state.

Other tracks in this album are equally thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable. He definitely knows how to create meaningful songs, but still manages to keep the tone chill and casual, just how rap songs should be. Surface by FEELSOUL is the perfect blend of good lyrics and superb composition. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, we strongly encourage you to do so because it’s got our seal of approval! 

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