The Witcher Season 2 – BTS Image Out!

The Witcher Season 2 – BTS Image Out!

With only a few weeks till the series returns, Henry Cavill has offered his Instagram fans a new peek at himself in the forthcoming second season, sharing a BTS shot of Geralt from The Witcher season 2. Cavill is dressed as his eponymous character in the shot, which is labeled as one from his “private collection” and includes a mention to his Warhammer fandom. This photo shows him in full regalia, complete with a black hooded cape, wig, and color lenses to give himself the character’s distinctive long silver hair and orange eyes. With Geralt dressed in a hooded garment and the shot taken in a more open clearing, it appears that the photo is from a scenario that takes place beyond the Kaer Morhen.

In previous previews for The Witcher season 2, Geralt and Cirilla were seen journeying to a cold mountainous location as part of Cirilla’s preparation for the upcoming warfare.  Cavill’s behind-the-scenes photo of Geralt from The Witcher season 2 may not reveal much about what to anticipate from the next chapter of the show, but it is guaranteed to spark interest in the show’s comeback. Aside from a glimpse at season 2’s Geralt, Cavill’s The Witcher BTS photograph is sure to be a wonderful little nod to his fondness for both the fantasy series and the tabletop game Warhammer.

The photo’s caption read:

“A little something from my private collection. I can’t decide if this belongs in a Witcher or a Warhammer section…. maybe both? Neoth perhaps??”

So, what are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the second season? We are, after all, upon seeing this icy, interesting shot! The wait for The Witcher season 2 is almost over, as the show is due to premiere on December 17, so let’s see what the show has in for us an early Christmas gift!