The Witches Officially Release on HBO Max

The Witches Officially Release on HBO Max

It’s no surprise to anyone that now the second wave of coronavirus has taken its toll on the world. There is no guarantee as to when things will resume back to what was once considered normal! This new normal is very hard to adjust in but we are all trying to live with it. With this new normal the entertainment industry is doing whatever they can to keep us sane! And adding to this saneness Warner Media on Friday morning came with the exciting news that The Witches will be released this Halloween.

The new film The Witches which is directed by Robert Zemeckis is the adaptation of Roal Dhal’s The Witches. Now everyone must be wondering where it’s going to be released as the cinemas are closed due to pandemic, well there is no better place than HBO Max for the movie to be released on. The trailer on HBO Max shows the stunning Anne Hathaway who is the lead actress in the movie. With this new trailer released, marketing publicity is in the huge swing as three weeks are left for the official release of the movie.

Originally it was planned that the movie will be released in theaters on October 9th but as nothing is going according to the plans, many movies are now being released on online streaming services. Warner Bros did the same and announced that on this Halloween Season viewers will get to watch The Witches on October 22nd adding a little more to celebrate with as they dress up for the season.

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The novel of the movie was published in 1983, this Dahl’s novel was then made into a movie in 1990 starring Angelica Huston and Rowan Atkinson. Now as Anna Hathaway plays the lead in the new Witches joined by other cast members like Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, and Chris Rock, this makes the movie worth watching and worth waiting for one. With Zemeckis, Kenya Barris, and Guillermo del Toro being the co-writers and also produced by Zemeckis, Guillermo del Toro, Jack Rapke, Alfonso Cuaron, and Luke Kelly, one can easily predict the magic that’s about to happen on screen soon.

The story of The Witches is a dark humor one. Which goes on to tell us the story of a young orphaned boy played by Jahzir Kadeem Bruno who in 1967 starts living with his Grandma played by Octavia Spencer. They both live in Alabama in a rural town of Demopolis. This heartwarming relationship between the Grandma and her Grandchild comes to witness very gorgeous looking witches who are beautiful under manipulative disguise. So in order to escape from their shadows the Grandma intelligently takes the Grandchild and runs to a seaside resort. But nature had its plans and unfortunately they arrive exactly at the same time when Anna Hathaway who plays the Grand High Witch role is there with her gang of witches gathered from across the globe comes undercover to move forward with her malicious plans.