“There is no Evil” wins highest Golden Bear Award

“There is no Evil” wins highest Golden Bear Award

The Golden Bear Award the top award for Berlin International Film Festival 2020 has been given to Mohammad Rasoulof’s “There Is No Evil” that is “Shaitan wojud nadarad” in Persian. The movie is based on the death penalty in Iran. It has explained viewpoint of the executioners and victims.

The Iran based film-maker is famous for his movies on  controversial topics in Iran.  Rasoulof has been banned for life in Iran, he is not allowed to make a film still he managed to make such an outstanding movie. The team and artists took risk of their lives to work in this film. Rasoulof has been imprisoned for propaganda charges when his movie “The Man of Integrity ” got international recognition in 2017.  He was also charged as an attack to Iran’s national security. His previous films have been targeting the flawed system in Iran. His other work include Manuscripts don’t burn, Iron Island, The Twilight, and The White Meadows. These movies address critical and controversial topics as well. For example The Man of Integrity shows a life of person with not much money got stuck in a problem and suddenly everyone wants bribe from him, even though he is the rightful one he couldn’t do anything without money, it showed flaws in law n order system in Iran.

The movie got attention of buyers across Europe, North America and Middle East.

The plot revolves around the story of four people who have execution orders and their routine life is explored by the movie about how a person can execute someone when he is having a very normal life and how it impacts him. Basically the movie is about the death penalty in Iran.

Rasoulof was not present at the Golden Bear award ceremony as he is not allowed to travel outside Iran by the Iranian government. His daughter and wife travel to Iran to meet him. He told in a Skype interview that he got his work done through his assistant directors. He got permission from Iranian authorities asking for allowing them to make four short stories. However, none of the documents contained Rasoulof’s name.

Farzad Pak, producer of the movie received the award, the entire crew broke in tears when the award was announced and he explained the hardships and risks they all had to face to complete this movie.

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