Thor: Love And Thunder trailer; 5 Mysteries that need to be Solved!

Thor: Love And Thunder trailer; 5 Mysteries that need to be Solved!

Thor: Love And Thunder will be released in July, and while the new video reveals a lot about the film there are also a few scenes that leave us scratching our heads.  So here we are, digging out these complicated bits.

Should we expect Korg to narrate the entire film?

If that’s the case, it’d be a fantastic way to use Korg as a character, as well as a clever meta touch, considering that he’s spoken by Taika Waititi. In the latest teaser for Thor: Love And Thunder, the rocky rebel is addressing a gathering of kids about Thor Odinson’s history. This time, we’re hoping it’s not merely a clip from the movie’s exposition dump at the outset. Instead, it might be a clip of voice-over exposition that plays all through the film.

What Other Gods Could We Expect To See?

Marvel Comics has a long history of divinities characters, and it’s probable that we’ll see any of them in Thor: Love and Thunder, as the film aims to portray Gorr as a villain capable of carrying out his stated mission.

What Does Valkyrie’s Possession of Zeus’ Lightning Bolt Entail?

The trailer makes it clear that Valkyrie is sparring with Gorr with one of Zeus’ famous lightning bolts, rather than the beautiful sword. If we’re being positive, the Greek God may have given it to her to aid in the capture of Gorr, but it’s also likely that this detail foreshadows some very horrible and tragic things for Zeus in the Marvel film.

Why the black-and-white effect?

There are scenes when there is no color at all, which is a strange aesthetic decision that we expect to be explained throughout the film but we guess that the black-and-white look appears to have something to do with the abilities wielded by Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Butcher in the teaser, although the rules aren’t quite obvious.

Why is Zeus incarcerating Thor?

We’re guessing there’s some sort of MCU canon connection between Thor and Zeus that we don’t know about yet, and that will hopefully bring some shocks when Thor: Love and Thunder hit cinemas.